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Member PageMember Page November 21 at 22:58
Saga of Glen

ok, my first question was WHICH GLEN STOREE????
Glen has a really funny foster mom and I hadnt shared these cause I'm sure they will be in the next WIS but yes, they give me the giggles..

so in order here they all are.. after each story, we all give Glen great advice..sorry, wont share that.. you'll need wis for it. He was being kept separate because he had a chance for worms and we were waiting test results.

Day 1
Okay, who asided dat I wood be happy wif Jan in Mishygin?

Furst ob all, she finks dat my eers iz unaseptable anna she'z been rippin da hair right off ob dem! Second ob all, she alsew finks my tail is unaseptable and she's bin rippin da hair out ob my tail too!

Now, I dunnot want to sound ungrateful, but dere had to be a fostur home dat likes long furry ears an tails!

Firdly, she keeps takin me outside and tellin me I need to poop, anna I keep tryin to tell her nope, I don't, anna cuz she pulled da hairz out ob my tail, I'm finkin shez gonna bee waitin a long time for a coopurtive poop.


New Col. Potter foster hunk, Glen, MI

Available cairns Michigan (page down)
Member PageMember Page November 21 at 23:02
Me, Glen, furber tales from da Nuthouse Reply to this Message

I held on to my personal propurty as long as I could, but las nite I couldn't hold it in any longur, anna so I pooped. No big deel rite?
Ummm, wrong! Dis crazee ladee started clappin and screamin "Good Boy!!" anna dancin around da yard anna gibben me treets, so yood kind ob fink she reely likes my poop. Anna she must acuz she pikked it up rite awayz anna put in in sum kind of fing dat smelled bery good. I fink dis ladee collects poop.

Den, lader in da ebening, she gab me sum yucky fings she hid in sumpin called peenut budder. Dat peenut budder was ashually bery good. I licked all of da budder off ob dose yucky fings and spitted dem out. So, to my deelite, crazee lady wrapped dem pills again, and I gab her da same result. Finably, she tossed dem down my frote (iz
dis abuze?). I also had an estra meel, she wuz prolly feelin guilty for abuzin me.

I still hab not met da bery loud peepuls anniemalls, habint eben seen dem anniemalls, but I nose dey is here acuz dey is noizy)

Tryin to figger dis place out is oberwelming.

Glen (MI)
Member PageMember Page November 21 at 23:06
Da Windy Day Reply to this Message

I'm libin in Mishygin, howebbers da wind is blowin so hard I mite land in Kansas by da end ob da day. Fibty miles an hour dontcha know.

Aneewayz, fostur mudder still made me go potty outside, eben tho it is cleer dat a little corn dog could easably get blown away. So, outside we goes anna my mudder takes me to da furst tree dat is closests to da house. Nope, Nope, I dunnot want to pee on dat tree (anna I shuld tell you all, I onably pee on trees anna bushes), so den my mudder says, "how about dis bush here?", nope, nope, I dunnot want to pee onna dat bush eiffer. Da house next door habs a tree dat completely blew ober, anna dat just happuns to be da tree I wanna pee on. Onablies, my mudder sayz "NO, you are not peein on da nabors blown ober tree." So finablies, acuz my mudder is sayin she iz freezin cold and acuz i'm not a total stinker, I assided to pee onna tree on on da offver side ob the dribeway. So, I cirkled my tree about fifty eleben times, found just da spot I wanted to krissen, anna lifted my leg. Woops, big wind anna all dat pee blew rite back onna me, Glen. My mudder bin laffin big time anna had to wipe my belly anna fur all cleen. Nobuddy eber told me not to pee into da wind afore.

Datz todaze storee.

Glen (MI)
Member PageMember Page November 21 at 23:12
Da Grate Askape, a storee by Glen Reply to this Message

Furst I hab to asplain a cupple of fings so dis storee makes cents.
I am an amayzing puppy. Beekuz I am an abuzed liddle orfun, my wikked ol fostur bitch (um? kan I say dat?)keeps me locked up inna krate inna basement dat she sayz is finished, but dat makes no difrunce to me acuz all da peepuls anna dogs libs up da stairs, not inna basement. You must all unnerstans, I am NOT HAPPEE WIF DIS ARRANGMENT! Aneewayz, I bin workin on my ascape plan fur dayz now.
I can jump inna my krate and make it move all da wayz from da kichen (I hab to manoover aroun a wall), den make a left tern for abouz two feet and den a rite tern, den I hab a straitawayz to da basement door dat iz ALWAYZ CLOZED, ofverwize I'd bounce dat krate rite up dem
stairs. I also get all dem screwz dat hold my krate togeffer loose anna wen I get caught wif my krate by the basement door, suntymes a screw is unna floor.

Ob korse, my fostur b...okay, I'll say mudder, fines me inna my krate at dat basement door, she alwayz asses me how I did dis amazing fing anna den she tyttens all dem screws bak up so I cannot ascape. Well, todaze, jus like ebery dayz, my fostur mudder foun me by da basement door, assed me da same stoopid questshun anna slid my krate bak into da kitchen. Onablies, my mudder wuz not finkin cleerly anna she FORGOT TO TITTEN DEM SCREWS!!!!! HA HA HA HA HA HA HA! Da basemunt door kloses, anna den da front door kloses and da kar enjun starts up anna fostur mudder iz gone!!!!

Now, I'm gonna leeb you all to fill in da blanks, acuz eben my fostur mudder wuz smart enuff to figger dis one out. Wen she got home, I bin so assited anna I wuz at dat basement door bangin it barking "COME SEE ME, COME SEE ME!!!" I wuz so berry proud acuz wen my mudder opuned da basement door I could jump rite up and say Hello acuz I wuz out ob my krate! My mudder found my krate wif all da screws layin on da floor anna she put dat krate bak togeffer, found da spot dat I assided would be a good place to pee, kleened all dat up anna tol me dat I am a RASKAL. Fank you fostur mudder!

Aneewayz, I fink she iz gonna ask ebberybuddy if dey nose a way to keep da lid onna my krate, DON'T GIB HER ANEE SUGGESTSHUN!

Datz my storee,

Glen (MI)
Dutchess and Mom
Member PageMember Page November 21 at 23:48
Re: Saga of Glen Reply to this Message

LOL! She's a RIP! Love her stories~ my sides are aching with laughter!
Lynda and the Minkies
Member PageMember Page November 22 at 08:09
Re: Saga of Glen Reply to this Message

He sounds a lovable little monkey !!!
Member PageMember Page November 22 at 14:35
Re: Saga of Glen Reply to this Message

Oh my, I have to blow my nose, I am laughing so hard and my glasses are all fogged over. THis is just the BEST!

Also, of course, I love RASKALS! If Glen was a girl (already have 4 boy dogs, they don't want another one) I'd be on the next plane to Michigan, and since I live in California, Glen would have to write in about his abduction by aliens!!!

Thanks Corinne, for sharing
Annie &E Gang
Member PageMember Page November 22 at 14:37
Re: Saga of Glen Reply to this Message

Thats all very amusing thank you for showing us .
Love and kisses xxxxxxxxxxxx
Member PageMember Page November 23 at 00:08
Re: Saga of Glen Reply to this Message

thats what I love about Col Potters.. while we are serious about rescue.. we dont have to be SERIOUS.. if you get my drift...
McTavish, SGirls and Becky
Member PageMember Page November 27 at 18:46
Re: Saga of Glen Reply to this Message

Hilarious!!! Thanks for sharing that. He does sound like a little rascal.
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