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Pennies from Heaven

Good Morning dear friends:
Col. Potter is very proud to announce *PENNIES FROM HEAVEN*, our ONE MILLION PENNY CHALLENGE, which is $10,000.00 which will have the official kickoff on 1/1/2004!

We wanted to announce this a little early, since we are all in the shopping mode now, with purses and pockets filled with coins, and every penny adds up! PLEASE START SAVING YOUR PENNIES, NICKELS, DIMES AND QUARTERS.

Our website will be up by the first of the year, and this will be announced. We will have a graph which will show our yearly progress, complete with links that have stories on how donors came up with their change, ESPECIALLY CHILDREN.

In our continued efforts to involve children in rescue and animal education, this is a great project for them also, since a few pennies a week or month will teach them the importance of giving and helping less fortunate creatures. We will have thank you cards available for the kids also.

SO, SAVE YOUR PENNIES. Details will be announced in the next week or two. LABELS will be available to print out and put on jars in your workplace or at home (OR you can do what Carol Loeb is doing . . . she has baby food jars that she is printing labels on, giving these to her friends, and telling them to return the jars full please).

It's amazing how coins add up. George cleaned out his truck and rolled the coins last night, and we are up to over $40.00 here already!

This is going to be a lot of fun, and this will be a huge help for the kids.


Col Potter Cairn Rescue Network
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