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Rory.. a cutie in VA

ok, heres a cairn to look at..
and a letter from his mom.. Let me introduce Rory...

From Donna:
Rory continues to blossom. He is so sweet and loving -- he always has been loving and affectionate, and he continues to be so cheerful and big-hearted, he just endears himself to you more each day. It is the greatest feeling when you kneel down, spread your arms, and he comes running right into your embrace. (I finally realized Rory would be less apprehensive about approaching you if you kneel down; he still gets a little nervous about being approached from directly in front and above. He just lowers himself down, he doesn't panic or anything, but you can still tell he was a mill dog).

Rory loves to explore and go for walks. Around the yard, he likes to sniff and sniff and check everything out. But as soon as we head down the driveway, he's ready to stretch out his legs and maintain a steady trot. He looks very cute checking out the great world around him.

The graft in his eye is still a little red at one edge, the outer edge, but unless you are up close his eye looks normal.

Rory has a heart of gold. After all he's been through, he's still so sweet with people. Again, he also gets along with other dogs except dominant intact males. He and our Sassy (spayed female) have become especially close. I think he would be happiest with a person all to himself, but clearly he enjoys other dogs, too. Cats he pretty much ignores; he has never offered to hurt either of our cats. He did chase them a little at first but never very intensely or seriously. Now, he ignores them.

I know the right home has to be out there for Rory. If we didn't have our Red (intact because I still have dreams of showing him again), I would adopt him myself!

We're gearing up for Christmas and I'll dress him up and get a closeup photo. I thought he was really cute as a harvest dog with the pumpkin, didn't you?

CPCRN Available Cairns - VA
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