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Little Westie in Need of Behavourist - LONG Reply to this Message
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Member PageMember Page January 18 at 00:28
Little Westie in Need of Behavourist - LONG

If you know ANYONE that can help this little guy - please email myself or Georgia. He needs a home willing to investing training and reassurance. He is located in Arkansas.

From the Owner/breeder:

I don't know were to start. When he was a puppy he was very social, playful, and chubby. My mother in law has agoraphobia and rarely has anyone in the home, she did not have a fenced in yard. His only exercise was when she walked him. She says he started not liking to go and sat down and refused. I have walked him at least 1 mile a day and he is very, very excited to go. She also decribed him as unaffectionate, which seemed odd as my dogs and in-your-face for attention. When he was 5 months old, a neighbor who doesn't care for dogs brought some cookies in. Mac was sitting between the two of them and moved toward the lady, my mother-in-law grabbed him and he "bit" her. She had to have stitches in her finger. I felt like she probably yanked her finger out of his mouth. I think things went bad then. She crated him a lot, and reports he sleeps all the time. I find this unusual for a Westie puppy. She had her second set of stitches when her daughter was visiting. mac was crazy about the daughter and didn't want the mother-in-law near. I'm sure he thought she was going to spoil the fun and crate him. He bit her toes. My vet feels she must have kicked at him or he wouldn't have been able to bite her toes.

In Oct, of this year she was moving inland from a Hurricane. She stayed with her niece, which would be an anxiety provoking situation, again. Mac was biting at her feet and the niece felt he shouldn't go home with her. She kept him till I could make arrangements to fly him back here.

Since he has been with us he has been very nervous and timid. He would try to stop us from leaving with frantic barking and biting at our feet. If you tried to push him away from the door he would attack your foot. I made him get back by saying "back" and we haven't seen the behavior since Halloween. He is very afraid of my male and barks and tries to keep him from getting near me. This is a problem. On Christmas Eve, my male beat him up, Mac had retreated to a chair. When I went to pet him he snarled at me, I corrected him with "no, we don't bite" and reached out to pet him, He then bit me. He was very sorry and knew immediately he shouldn't have done it. I took him to the behavioral vet who says he has Fear aggression, when he gets scared he lashes out. On a daily basis he is very, sweet, wants to follow you around everywhere you go, sit by you, etc, He has constantly had bites on his back from my male tearing into him. We decided to put him on some medication for anxiety thinking if he were less afraid of my male the conflict would resolve. Yesterday I guess my male had had it. He tore into him twice and continued to growl and strike at him . Mac was wounded and retreated to a chair. When you approached him he would duck his head and be afraid, growling at times. He then went outside and sat by our gate in the rain. It was very traumatic for me as I love them both and they both want to be my only one. He is very fearful of the least little thing. When I started him on medication that was a threat and he would urinate when I picked him up to give it. He has gotten better with routine. We went to Obedience school and he was very good, almost too submissive. This whole thing has been stressful for me. Mac is a sweet, smart sensitive guy and I think he would make someone a good companion. I think you have to be kind and gentle but firm. He didn't know how to play when he first came, but now he loves to romp and play with my female, when the male joins in it scares him he barks at him and the play is over.

Mac is 2 years old, born in Aug. He was neutered at age 5 months. I don't think he will bite without warning, as he warned me I just didn't listen. I don't know what to think about NC. behavior as I said my mother-in-law is a very nervous, anxious, fearful person. She has always had a dog and we thought this would give her some company. It has been a nightmare. It was difficult to send him in the first place. We have had nine puppies. I have been very selectibe about where my animals go. I had one in the second litter that was timid and a little bit nippy. I would repest that out of her but not this one. I have been miffed daily and have vested a lot of emotion and time and money into this little guy. He weighs 19 lbs, just had all of his shots.

He has never bitten back at my male. He runs, runs, runs and tucks his tail.

January 18 at 02:38
Re: Little Westie in Need of Behavourist - LONG Reply to this Message

Wow I hope someone out there can help him. Wonder what made him not affectionate. My 2 are overly affectionate and come to think of it I've never had a dog who wasn't affectionate.
Member PageMember Page January 18 at 04:59
Re: Little Westie in Need of Behavourist - LONG Reply to this Message

I dont know, I think the other male needs a bit of crate time himself...
all my guys know I dont abide fights.. they can fool around, and do some alpha stuff.. but out and out fighting gets crate time...
hope you find a place for him
Lynda and the Minkies
Member PageMember Page January 18 at 07:04
Re: Little Westie in Need of Behavourist - LONG Reply to this Message

I'd say there's NOTHING wrong with him apart from the fact he's been in 2 pisspoor homes that are not looking after him properly and he's scared shitless....where is he now ? He needs removing and rehabilitating...
Theo, Sara and Casey
Member PageMember Page January 18 at 11:23
Re: Little Westie in Need of Behavourist - LONG Reply to this Message

Oh my, what a very sad little guy. IMHO he needs to be the only furkid in his home. He needs to be #1 and the only one and I'm sure with patience and lots of love he will come out of this. Look at the rescues who have had worse lives and with the right situation are now wonderful loving pals. And he is still young enough to bounce back quickly.

I wouldn't blame your male as he is only following his natural instincts to beat down on a weak one. He knows Mac will cower, and I think he looks at Mac as easy prey. Perhaps he is protecting your female from contact with Mac.

As far as the mother-in-law is concerned, sounds to me like Mac has been abused. I think a terrier is the last type of companion that would help her. She needs a gentle breed, a retriever maybe, one she can snuggle up to and which is patient with her moods, definitely not a terrier, and perhaps not even a dog! Maybe a cat would suit her better.

I hope a placement is found for him soon so he can develop into the westie he was meant to be.
Member PageMember Page January 18 at 19:26
Re: Little Westie in Need of Behavourist - LONG Reply to this Message

You guys are good! :) That is what Georgia and have been thinking - poor upbringing - but rehab-able. :) Georgia is meeting up with the current owner/breeder and will let us all know how he fairs - regardless, I think once he gets out of so much craziness - he'll be just fine. :)

I'm so glad all of you felt he is just in need of some TLC and POSITIVE upbringing. :)

January 19 at 23:33
Re: Little Westie in Need of Behavourist - LONG Reply to this Message

When molly had no one except us in the house when someone else came over she would want to eat them, so she went to a behavior conseler here , and they told me she needs to build her confidence. with stuff so she doesn't feel the need to have to defend herself,
this poor little one, doesn't seem to be in a good place at all, so sad,
if you want contact
they are in naperville IL, but the owner will e-mail you back, she is awsome, just look at the web-site, especailly if you say this dog is in need, lots of need she will e-mail you back,
Hope that works, KICKED HIM??
she is also positive reinvorcement only
Sarah,Jesse and Bella
Member PageMember Page January 23 at 00:40
Re: Little Westie in Need of Behavourist - LONG Reply to this Message

Poor baby!!!!!!
I agree, he needs a hone where he is #1! That other male needs to get disciplined for his behavior. I believe they can establish dominance...but continually being aggressive is a whole 'nother problem.
Is this the one Georgia is getting?? I hope so.

(Jesse was aggressive with Bella when he first brought her home, and he established dominance-but he has never hurt her again, in fact-when he thought she was in distress-he came to her rescue. they are great siblings now, and play all day together.)

January 30 at 21:16
Re: Little Westie in Need of Behavourist - LONG Reply to this Message

What this little guy needs is a loving home - someone to love him and care for him. I feel sorry for this little guy.
His behavior is the result of the homes he's be in. It's not the Westie's fault - it's the people he's been with.
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