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Cant move the babies Reply to this Message
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Member PageMember Page January 23 at 21:26
Cant move the babies

Madisons babies are very tiny... and moving them as far as Kansas is out of the question...
In fact, the first three days are very precarious.. we all need to pray we dont lose any more...

and here's a note from Danielle answering the same question on CRM:

there have been times locally where one female who has meet a trauma of one sort has certainly welcomed additional pups in a current litter . . . and I am even aware of one who had whelped several weeks prior who once again produced milk. You can't transport dogs from a distance when they are from 4 ounces to 8 such as Karen's are without a good reason. Madison is nursing fine now, and this is surely going to be a huge draw on her system. She had these naturally, so she is not going through the surgical part like little Miss Athena had to.

Miss Madison's pups will not be nursing in 5 or 6 weeks . . . they will be supplemented when they get to about 4 weeks and then weaned, or Madison will be a rack of bones no matter how many meals you feed her a day.

Theo, Sara and Casey
Member PageMember Page January 23 at 22:35
Re: Cant move the babies Reply to this Message

Thanks for giving me a better understanding Corinne. I am happy that Madison is nursing, hope all goes well with the pups. Will be watching for updates.
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