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Argyle Update 2/1 5pm Reply to this Message
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Member PageMember Page February 01 at 23:23
Argyle Update 2/1 5pm

From Aly

I just got off the phone with the vet and Argyle made it though the night... He is in a lot of pain today because of the trauma of the surgery. He is getting pain medication, but the vet does not want to over medicate him and then he tries to move and do more damage...

The left leg (removed) was smashed... I can't believe that any of the bones were not poking through the skin. On the X-ray it didn't look anything like a leg, it looked like a million toothpicks that had fallen out of the box, and when he would try to stand it just hangs there.

His pelvis is in 4 very separate pieces, with two more breaks that you can see, and she will try to repair that once he is more stable.... His whole body is swollen and bruised... I have never seen a dog in that much pain before... He would try so hard to stand (which of course gave me a heart attack) or sit and then he would just sigh and lay down a close his eyes for a minute. He scooted himself far enough forward to have his chin on my lap, so I could pet him...

He is very cute (chubby) and very sweet, I really believe he got loose and then got hit by a car..He really likes people and is not head or hand shy like Ainsley was, and he really has a zest for life... He was alert and curious and what a beautiful coat!! The Scottie rescue folks (very, very nice people) are checked in on him yesterday after the surgery and the vet's husband came in too...

Today he is drinking, not eating yet, but the vet is confident that his lack of appetite is from all the medication, she said he moving his "good" leg today and felt that was very positive...
I took him Vincent's quilt by Barb, and the Moon and Stars blanket by Corinne.. I just wanted him to have something(s) that were made with love....

Thanks for the prayers, and good thoughts, please keep them coming - He is really over the mountain, but he is not through the woods yet...

I will keep you all posted!!

Aly - NYC

Col Potter Cairn Rescue Network
Lynda and The Minkies
Member PageMember Page February 02 at 03:12
Re: Argyle Update 2/1 5pm Reply to this Message

Thankyou very much for his update...I can't imagine the pain he must have been in....bless him....hope he carries on doing well.
Anouschka, Keira & Rusty
Member PageMember Page February 02 at 10:41
Re: Argyle Update 2/1 5pm Reply to this Message

Poor baby, this story breaks my heart. Hope he makes it, keeping our paws and fingers crossed for the little guy.

Anouschka, Keira & Rusty waiting at the bridge
Washington Gang
Member PageMember Page February 02 at 14:31
Re: Argyle Update 2/1 5pm Reply to this Message

That is good news but so sad for him. I just shudder to think he sat in a shelter for 5 days like this. How could he have stood the pain. Please give him lots of kisses and hugs from us.
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