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Member PageMember Page February 14 at 22:03
Buf Memorial Wall

Forwarding a message about a new webpage on Col Potters:
This is from Buf's mom...

To my good friends: I have been given the distinct honor of presenting to you all the new Buf Memorial Wall! I am really overwhelmed at this project so please forgive me if I am not my usual wordy self. I have been crying steadily ever since Danielle wrote to me to tell me that several people notably Kim Starks (who doesn't even own a Cairn.....Kim we are going to have to work on that) who was the webmaster for this memorial site, Susan Mower and Corinne Herron who put in many hours to make this a most eloquent site which will be used to memorialize lost pets of all kinds. It is such an outstanding tribute to my Buf and to all of our Rescued Cairns that we have lost. It is beautiful! This word does not really describe what this means to me. Danielle had promised me that we would have such a memorial when Buf was killed 2 years ago, but it took a lot of time because all involved wanted it to be special.......and special it is. The amount of work that went into this is amazing! Truly these people loved what they were trying to do. I am so proud of them.
I am going to give you the link to click on to bring this site up, as I know all of you will be touched by the eloquence, taste, and beauty of it all. I know that they honored me by letting me introduce this to you. I truly feel honored by this....but more than that I am so grateful that this group allows me to give something that I could not give without their help! I lost my beloved Buf to the number 1 killer of our Cairns, the automobile!
My sweet little girl baby was the "wind beneath my sails", my friend, my child,my soul mate, my sweet baby girl. I shall always love her. The poem which I felt was descriptive of my feelings at the time of her death and then after is below.
I have my Twink now, and she is my sweet little girl now......I learned the heart can accomodate more than one!
But Buf was my first Cairn.....and when you bring up the website you will see her face peering around the gate of the wall.....if you click on her you will get something I wrote about her then. After that if you click just on the page itself you can bring up the 2nd page. Col. Potter ( our namesake) has the same procedure. You will have to more your mouse over certain things to get what you want. Please prepare yourself for a wonderful tribute not only to my Buf but to all of our Rescue Pets who have gone to the Rainbow bridge.
I dont think I have ever been so honored in all of my life. I am only a cog in a big wheel.....and I am so proud to be that.
I am not very organized as I am crying as I write this. I love all of you, I love my Buf, and I love all of our pups to whom we gave love and comfort.
If you want to honor the memory of any pet of yours you can find the different methods by clicking on the appropriate link.
The email address is:


(I have kept this poem as it so well describes my feelings when Buf was taken away from me)

World spinning out of grasp,
out of reach, out of sight; you are gone.
My heart, my head, my hands empty
as your spot in my lap.
Sightless eyes searched for you.
Soundless voice whispered your name.
Deaf ears listened for your breath.
In a wild place the pain roared,
burned white, and then waned to an ember.
Shadows of the night closed in.


Now a half-luminous ray breaks through.
Memories quicken, dreams take color,
and I know that love never dies.
Liberated from your temporal shell:
you are not gone.
I see your eyes glittering like faith
in every refraction of sunlight.
I hear your bark echoing like promise
in the baying of the wind.
I sense your presence rippling like energy
in all the sweep of hopeful sky.
I feel your love constant and warming like dawn
in its old comfortable place in my soul.
And I know -- as I always knew --
That I gained much more than I lost.

Anne L. Taylor

Buf Memorial Wall

Member PageMember Page February 14 at 22:06
Re: Buf Memorial Wall Reply to this Message

Couple notes for everyone.. we used a technique called 'picture mapping' ... if you run your mouse over a page, when it turns into a 'hand'.. there is a link...

there are a lot of 'background' pages here... have fun hunting the 'easter eggs' (slang for hidden items)
Lynda and the Minkies
Member PageMember Page February 15 at 06:47
Re: Buf Memorial Wall Reply to this Message

What lovely tribute pages....it broke my heart where Joan says she didn't wash her car after losing Buf because of the nose marks....
Member PageMember Page February 15 at 08:14
Re: Buf Memorial Wall Reply to this Message

yep, that was the hardest thing about working on it.. reading what was written.
Pam and pups
February 15 at 09:27
Re: Buf Memorial Wall Reply to this Message

This is truly beautiful - what a great memorial for a loved one.
johjn / irene TOBY
Member PageMember Page February 15 at 13:02
Re: Buf Memorial Wall Reply to this Message

Its a wonderful site Corinne Shed a few A tears

John / irene TOBY
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