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Tennessee Members Listen Up :)

Hello Everyone!

We need extra help in Tennessee, perhaps even in the Eastern side of Mississippi area too - we need eyes and ears to be watching for anyone who has lost their MALE Westie somewhere around the Memphis area. We currently have this little one in an animal hospital for vetting and treatment from a dog fight - this is the same Westie Dianne and Barrett worked their rears off to save from that horrible shelter.

Anyway, if you can, please check around at groomers and vet's offices to let them know a MALE westie has been found and needs to be identified. If the owner isn't found by the time the dog is ready to be released, he will be fosterd and adopted out.

We need extra help here and would so appreciate it. So anyone in Tennessee and the Eastern side of Mississippi could keep their eyes and ears open and maybe make a few calls to grooming shops and vet office in the Memphis area to see if they have any reports on a missing Westie - that would be great!

The owners may have tried the shelter to find their dog but they would have been told the only Westie they have is a FEMALE and 9 months old... HE is unaltered and around 2-4 years old... SOMEONE must be looking for him as it was apparent that he was nicely cared for - but if not, WRM will be looking to find him the perfect home soon.

Thanks everyone for any help you may give!

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