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URGENT Transport TN-FL- Pregnant Senior HW Cairn Reply to this Message
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February 16 at 12:02
URGENT Transport TN-FL- Pregnant Senior HW Cairn

Hi Everyone:
Cairn Rescue USA has a 9YO HW cairn who is about 45 days pregnant who needs a ride from Memphis, TN, to anywhere in FL. We have someone who can pick her up anywhere in FL, but he wrecked his truck, so he's driving a rental and can't take it out of state. We have an experienced foster home in FL who is able to handle the pregnancy and the whelping and the raising of the puppies.

Elise was turned in to a kill shelter by a miller who obtained her from another "breeder" a few years ago. Other than being HW , she is in good health and is VERY sweet. She was pulled from the shelter on Feb. 11 and is currently being boarded at a vet's office.

She has had her distemper and kennel cough vaccines. Katie, our VP of Intakes, will be finding out today if she's had her rabies vaccine. If not, we're going to have to hold off on that. She's been wormed twice, but she has whipworm and we'll also have to hold off on worming her again. She will be traveling in a crate.

We need to move Elise this week. Our FL driver is flexible as to when and where he can meet someone.

If you can help, please email Katie McDonough at CRUSAKatie @ aol.com (without the spaces) or call her at 917-751-5173,

Thank you!
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Re: URGENT Transport TN-FL- Pregnant Senior HW Cairn Reply to this Message

Who in the heck would breed a 9 year old dog and then toss her to a kill shelter! I can't put in print what I think of them.

I hope you get your transport so that she can get into a home and have a chance as well as her puppies.

February 19 at 23:10
Re: URGENT Transport TN-FL- Pregnant Senior HW Cairn Reply to this Message

Apparently a BYB had her for 6 years and intended to retire her but gave her away unaltered and she fell into the hands of yet another BYB! But we got her safely transported to FL yesterday and she will have her puppies. Many thanks to everyone who contacted Katie off list. =-)
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