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Rose - Shani's Mom
Member PageMember Page March 01 at 18:36

My name is Rose English - am a new member - have a cairn mix boy and a little Westie girl. I also own a small newspaper in the St. Charles, Mo area. I have struck up an alliance with The Humane Society and Westie Rescue to help find unwanted dogs good homes. I also want to raise awareness about puppy mills. Feel free to email me any info you might think helpful to print, write articles about - whatever. I have set aside over $6000 in advertising this year alone for this purpose. For more info - visit www.boomertimes.net and click on the picture of Shani - the link is called Shani's Shelter. Glad to help the little kids any way that I can. I have also submitted an ap to rescue a Westie (both my "kids" were unwanted) - and my daughter has just submitted an ap to rescue a cairn.

Washington Gang
Member PageMember Page March 02 at 01:02
Re: PUPPY MILLS & RESCUE Reply to this Message

Wow - I just went and checked out your web site. It is awesome. I love the poem and the article you wrote (doggie in the window) almost made me cry. I am tickled pink that you have joined us here. We have some people who belong to the Terrier Club who could give you more than ear full about puppy mills. I look forward to reading more on your web site. Thanks again.
Lynda and the Minkies
Member PageMember Page March 02 at 09:51
Re: PUPPY MILLS & RESCUE Reply to this Message

Well done on all you're doing to raise awareness and help, Rose.
Theo, Sara and Casey
Member PageMember Page March 02 at 10:31
Re: PUPPY MILLS & RESCUE Reply to this Message

I just spent some time at Boomer Times and I am really impressed, what a marvelous thing you are doing!

Puppy in the Window is very well writing and the bottom line brought a chill up my spine. Is it copyrighted??

Good luck on your fundraising for Kim as well, I wish her all the best in her battle.

hugs, TS&C xox
Rose , Shani & Homeless
Member PageMember Page March 02 at 11:07
Re: PUPPY MILLS & RESCUE Reply to this Message

Thanks for all the good words about the paper, guys! I really do appreciate it! Everything that I write is copyrighted through the paper but if you would like to use it, just email me. The purpose of the article was to raise awareness and I don't care how it is done if I can help in anyway. I would like to write an article dealing specifically with puppy mills - that one in Tenn. sounds terrible. I think it would shock even someone who is not even as dog crazy as we are. People NEED to be shocked - it is HARD to motivate them to get up off their butt and write anything and put a stamp on it...believe me, I know. email me at boomertimes.net with any info on puppymills that I can use - I would really appreciate it. Thank you for the well wishes on Kim, too. She is only 38, 2 small boys (5 & 7) and one 18 yrs old. By a miricle last year ( a blood clot in her lung - they put her on kumaden - which caused her to start bleeding from the rectum) they found colin cancer - it was pretty bad. She had intensive chemo and radiation followed by surgury last week. She is doing very well for what she has been thru - I organized the benefit to try and help her with medical bills as they are monumental and she can not work for about 6 months. She also adopted a dog thru a shelter (yeah!!) Howard (Boomer's Editor) and I have been invited to appear on SHOW ME ST LOUIS. I plan to bring up my community involvement so I plan to talk about Westie Rescue, The Humane Society AND PUPPY MILLS...so C'mon guys...give me some ammunition!! Thanks again for all the good words!
Rose , Shani & Homeless
Member PageMember Page March 02 at 11:11
Re: PUPPY MILLS & RESCUE Reply to this Message

Forget to mention - we have plans to have the ENTIRE paper posted on the web - should be within a few weeks so WHEREVER you are, as long as you can get online you can read the entire paper! I do some pretty cool interviews too - the next issue has one with MICHAEL MCDONALD - the singer! Forget to add my email - sorry - today is "deadline" and I am a crazy person!!

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