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More on the Tennessee Maltese Mill Bust Reply to this Message
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Pam and MMH
March 04 at 19:45
More on the Tennessee Maltese Mill Bust

This plea for help was posted on the WI/IL Rescue site I subscribe to.

This is a disgusting story with details that may upset some, so if you are at all squeamish about such things, stop reading right here. But if you can read on and digest what this beast has done to these dogs, please voice your opinion to whomever will listen and cross-post all over and help get this poor excuse for a human being behind bars where she belongs!

Below here is the letter taken from the stie.

> I would like to call to your attention a bad situation in need of
national coverage.
> In late January, a puppy-mill raid in Franklin Tennessee
confiscated 230 animals from the home of Jennifer Siliski owner of Hollybelle
Kennels. This raid was the combined effort of a group of agencies that
frequently found Jennifer Siliskišs name popping-up on their computer screens.
> What is particularly odious about this puppy-mill is Hollybelle
Kennels hid behind a faįade of respectability. Jennifer Siliski is a well-
known name in the Maltese dog world because she bred beautiful tiny Maltese dogs
that earned many titles and championships. Rock stars and senators
bought dogs from Hollybelle Kennels. Her picture and full-color ads
continuously ran in the national dog magazines. As consumers, Siliski led us to
believe we were buying dogs from this show stock and instead we received her puppy-
mill quality dogs - many having serious health issues.
> This is not a case about some seedy back-woods farm. Jennifer
Siliski lives in an expensive Franklin Tennessee subdivision and runs a
calculated and fraudulent two-tier operation. Behind her faįade of respectability
Siliski kept stacked cages of these 2 to 7 pound dogs in her garage. These
dogs lived their entire bleak lives in cages being bred continuously to
satisfy Jennifer Siliskišs greed. Tiny dogs often cannot whelp their pups
and require a caesarian delivery. Many of Siliskišs dogs are criss-
crossed with caesarian scars, and many have been de-barked - perhaps by Siliski.
> Siliskišs operation involved a beautiful internet site showing her
lovely show-quality animals. Siliski told us that we would be receiving
the offspring of these animals. Indeed, many of us have AKC papers
showing our dog is from her champion stock. Instead, Siliski sent out poor-
quality and under-aged Maltese pups suffering from heart murmurs, parvo, mange,
allergies, and infections.
> The Siliski house was so filthy, and the air-quality was so poor
that Siliskišs four children [including a severely disabled child] were
removed from her care by the department of Childrenšs Services. Excrement
was on the walls and ground into the carpeting. Vials of Valium and syringes
were on ther dresser.
> ALL the dogs that were removed had health problems. Despite
veterinary care, some died and some were not over the hump two weeks later.
Jennifer Siliski ran a high volume operation. Thirty pups were confiscated, with
many more on the way. A conservative estimate suggests Siliski put out six
thousand pups in the past five years. Many people never received their AKC
papers after months of calls and emails to Siliski. Siliski duped the AKC by
registering under twelve or more names - some of those names being kennel
workers who had no idea that they were listed as owners. All of her business
dealings and ownership of her tangible assets are in multiple names.
> The Maltese community has drawn together in hopes that we can
prevent the return of these dogs to Siliski. We need media attention to
contact the many pet owners who could help by filing complaints with the department
of Tennessee Consumer Affairs. Jennifer Siliski must be stopped and
by a heavier conviction than animal abuse. A task force was put together
involving the Williamson County District Attorneyšs Office, the
state Department of Childrenšs Services (DCS), the state Division of
Affairs, Williamson County Animal Control (WCAC), the Humane Society, the
Better Business Bureau (BBB), the American Kennel Club and the Williamson
County Codes Compliance Department and others. They need your help to
find the many people who are victims of this fraudulent operation.
> More information on this can be found at www.malteseonly.com under
> Hollybelle Kennels. Linda Geary can give you further assistance.
She is working very hard to put a solid case together. Please help her -
to help these abused dogs have a better life.
> Linda Geary, Investigator
> State of Tennessee
> Consumer Affairs
> 500 James Robertson Parkway, Fifth Floor
> Nashville, TN 37243-0600
> Direct Line: (615) 741-4742
> Fax: (615) 532-4994
> E-mail: Linda.Geary@s...

Lynda and the Minkies
Member PageMember Page March 05 at 05:23
Re: More on the Tennessee Maltese Mill Bust Reply to this Message

I cannot fathom how there seems to be no action against her legally as yet. How much more evidence do the people there need ?

Beth & the Herbs
Member PageMember Page March 05 at 08:30
Re: More on the Tennessee Maltese Mill Bust Reply to this Message


From what I have read they want to get her for more than just animal cruelty. The animal cruelty laws are not really sufficient to handle what this woman has done. That plus the wheels of justice in this country move slowly anyway. My guess is they want to get all the available evidence before charging her.

March 05 at 12:34
Re: More on the Tennessee Maltese Mill Bust Reply to this Message

It's a pity that you can't be given a 1st degree felony for being an embarrassment to humankind.

I hope they throw the book at her!
john / irene TOBY
Member PageMember Page March 05 at 13:11
Re: More on the Tennessee Maltese Mill Bust Reply to this Message

We hope she gets what she deserves but doubt it , we wish all the poor furkids that were rescued a wonderful second chance

John / irene TOBY
Jake & Maggie
Member PageMember Page March 05 at 21:52
Re: More on the Tennessee Maltese Mill Bust Reply to this Message

Pam will any of these dogs be going into rescue and available for adoption? My sister and I love our LWD's, my breed is Westie and hers is Maltese. She has a 14 year old and is looking for a puppy. Now that I have her educated she wants a rescue. She would like a female puppy. We are in Iowa and some travel to save one is not an issue. If we can get there and back in a weekend we are in the car. Please let me know if there is one that needs a 2nd chance and would like to be a TOTALLY spoiled baby.

Rose , Shani & Homeless
Member PageMember Page March 08 at 21:32
Re: More on the Tennessee Maltese Mill Bust Reply to this Message

I know not everyone agrees with my opinion - but I feel that dogs are above most animals in the respect that they know "fear", "joy & happiness", "love" (& how to RETURN IT), "loyalty" -- they respond to attention and can be taught "manners", & rules - it just takes a little effort - why then do these poor babies not seem to have any rights??? How can greedy, evil, poor excuses for human beings get by with this??? This was like being sentanced to life imprisonment & death row all in one for these poor things!!!!
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