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CPCRN Foster homes needed

Passing along the request. If you have questions about fostering, I'll be glad to help

Dear Friends,

This is a plea to help Col. Potter Cairn Rescue Network save even more Cairns
the weeks and months ahead. Not even 3 months into 2004 and we have saved 68
Cairns and Cairn mixes including 25 dogs rescued out of deplorable conditions
in puppymills and commercial breeders to enjoy LIVING for the first time - with
food to eat, warm beds to sleep in and finally new, adoptive families to love
and protect them forever.

All of our 2004 rescued dogs can be seen on The Faces of Rescue page:
http://mall.cairnrescue.com/yb_2004.htm and there are MORE AT THE DOOR even

Without foster homes for these dogs, we would have had to turn some of these
faces away. Which ones would you say no to? That's the problem - we can't and
don't want to ever have to say no to any Cairn in need.

Right now our greatest need is for new foster homes. You can make a difference
just with one crate and one hour a day -
http://www.cairnrescue.com/rescue/foster.htm#ONE - so please consider filling
out the foster home application on this page TODAY and you can make a
difference. Fostering is one of the most wonderfully fulfilling and rewarding
"jobs" you will ever have.

Our Foster Home Team and Foster Home Mentors work with you every step of the
way so that you never feel that you are without proper direction and guidance
any aspect of your fostering. We can only save as many dogs as we have foster
homes for. Please consider helping OR forward this email to someone you know
would love to help. It will only take a few minutes to help save a life of a

Thank you,

Col. Potter Cairn Rescue Network

foster home application
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