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Emma the CairnNeedss a ride NH to NY Reply to this Message
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Eileen Czablewski
April 01 at 09:29
Emma the CairnNeedss a ride NH to NY

Violetta Argueta"
Subject: [CairnRescueUSA] Working on NH to NY Transport for this Saturday

Hi. I've contacted some of you off list to see if you can help with
Emma's transport this Saturday. We were going to transport her with
Max this weekend but Max's transport is being postponed and we still
need to get Emma to a foster home in NY, preferably on Saturday so
she has Sunday to adjust.

The planned route is to go through MA (East Boston or thereabout),
then RI, then CT (to Danbury, to avoid the I-95 mess near
Bridgeport) then NJ/NY. If you can help or know someone who can,
please let me know here or at CairnRescueUSA @ aol.com . Emma is
UTD on all shots and will be travelling in a crate.

We are looking to fill the following legs:
1. Exeter NH to East Boston MA, approximately 50 miles: FILLED

2. East Boston, MA to either Warwick RI or Pawtucket RI,
approximately 65 miles: NEED

3. Warwick or Pawtucket, RI to Stonington, CT, approximately 40
miles: NEED

4. Stonington, CT to Danbury, CT (avoids I-95 mess), approximately
100 miles: NEED

5. Danbury CT to NY: FILLED

Permission to cross-post. =-)
Many thanks in advance!

if you can help e-mail


cairn Rescue USA
Member PageMember Page April 01 at 12:43
Re: Emma the CairnNeedss a ride NH to NY Reply to this Message

The mess in Bridgeport has been temporarily fixed with a temp bridge. Let me try to rearrange my sked maybe I can do the E.Boston to Warwick portion.


April 14 at 22:27
Re: Emma the CairnNeedss a ride NH to NY Reply to this Message

I live in CT and love helping transports. I found your website because I am helping a family find a carin terrier. They want to rescue, preferably a puppy.
Please let me know if you need more help with this transport.

Member PageMember Page April 15 at 12:32
Re: Cairn Rescue USA Transports Reply to this Message

Thanks Barbara. We were able to transport Emma to NY but always need help in the Northeast so it would be great to have your info on file.

We are now switching our Transport Planning to MS Mappoint which allows us to map our databases by zip code and will make transports easier to coordinate since it would be like connecting pushpins on the map. Of course that only works if you have a database of volunteers with cities, states and zip code info (and email and phone to let you know when we have a transport that we need help with). I've pasted the link to our transport form below. It's the same as for volunteering in general but you would just check transport and write down the maximum number of miles you are willing to drive one way.

And anyone else reading the message who would not mind giving a cairn a ride from time to time, please fill it out too. Many thanks in advance!

In terms of helping your friends, you should tell them to fill out an adoption application. We do get dogs in all the time and many just never make it to our website because if we have a qualified applicant when the dog comes in, we'll match the dog to that family and we are usually able to process the application within 2 weeks time. Unlike Col. Potter we simply do not have the staffing to process all applications received, so we do the matching based on the profile presented in the application and what we know about the dog and only do the ref checks and home visits AFTER the applicant is matched to a dog. The application is therefore very important and should be filled out carefully since it is what gets you to the next phase.

Below is also a photo of Emma before she was groomed. She came groomed to us so she now looks thinner and more petite.

Cairn Rescue USA

CRUSA Transport Volunteer Form

April 01 at 13:59
Re: Emma the CairnNeedss a ride NH to NY Reply to this Message

Cyndi, thank you. We're going to postpone the transport to next Saturday, the 10th. Would you be available then?


Cairn Rescue USA
Member PageMember Page April 01 at 14:31
Re: Emma the CairnNeedss a ride NH to NY Reply to this Message

I am not sure let me check and I will get back to you.
Member PageMember Page April 05 at 11:11
Re: Emma the CairnNeedss a ride NH to NY Reply to this Message

I am sorry but I have to work and I tried to get out of it and can't. Sorry I wish I could.
Bauer's Stacey
April 06 at 16:11
Re: Emma the CairnNeedss a ride NH to NY Reply to this Message

I can do East Boston to RI if that is still needed. I can be emailed thru my member page if you wish to reach me...hope I can help!
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