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Member PageMember Page May 14 at 10:11
Introducing Gentle Ben

Ben is a 12 year old Cairn that was a stray that was taken to a local humane society. They had him fostered for a time, and I met him at their Terrier Day. His Humane Society Foster Mom, Carolyn called him Gentle Ben.

Ben's deaf, but is a mellow fellow and cute as a button. He is affectionate, loves car rides and short walks. According to Carolyn, the sight of a leash or opening the front door makes him one happy little fellow. Being deaf you need to get his attention, unless you are cooking....he's a normal cairn for kitchen smells it seems. (Boy, does he sound like an older version of my Duncan)

As with most older guys, he loves his naps. Thats what I saw of him mostly, but he did love his skritches, and he liked the other cairns.

Sadly, Ben has a large growth on one back leg, and some smaller ones on the other. It appears surgery can help him, but it was a bit expensive for the Humane Society. I had offered CPCRN as an alternative, and they have accepted. We expect him to have surgery next week. The vet did say he does not beleive the leg bones are impacted, only muscle.. but you never know til you get in there. Once Bens surgery is over, he will be coming to foster with me for aftercare .. lets pray we have the same success we had with Sedona.

We all know many cairns who have lived far longer than Ben, and the hope is that he too will have a long and merry live, but we must be prepared for all alternatives. As always, if there will be no quality of life for Ben, the Vet will not go forward after the initial x-rays. Otherwise we will go with the removal of the tumor and hope and pray that it is not cancer.

I know how powerful our prayers are, Please include Gentle Ben in yours. I will let you know when his surgery is scheduled and the results as I know them.

He's not on the site yet, but here's his pic.

Col Potter Cairn Rescue Network

Lynda and the Minkies
Member PageMember Page May 14 at 11:04
Re: Introducing Gentle Ben Reply to this Message

He reminds me of Marianne's black 'n' silver boy Max !!! Hope everything goes well for him. He does look a gentle old soul...
Washington Gang
Member PageMember Page May 14 at 12:39
Re: Introducing Gentle Ben Reply to this Message

He is just the cutest little ole man. I just want to scoop him up and give him loves and hugs. We are praying big time here that his surgery goes okay and that the tumors are not malignant.
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