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Member PageMember Page May 25 at 09:13
CPCRN Status May 18

Here's the latest.. sorry, been a bit full up.

Dog Status Foster State Forever State Age / Birthday Number of Apps Gender Intake Status
ALEXANDER JOE-REB now Aloysius Alexander Adopted MS MD
Argyle Adopted CA CA
Barney Adopted MD VA
Breanne Adopted SC SC
Buddy Lee Adopted SC VA
Cassie Adopted NV MI
Celia Adopted CO MA
Chessa Adopted OH DE
Cooper Adopted FL MD
Fallon Adopted IL MD
Hadley Adopted CA CA
Henry Adopted CA CA
Jimmy now Stanly Adopted CT CT
Lane Adopted VA GA
Stevie Y Adopted MI MI

ABBY Adoption Pending OH VA 9/12/1999 F OS
JENETTE Adoption Pending IL IL 4/17/2001 F PM
ODIE Adoption Pending TN SD Approx 2 yrs M SS
SEDONA Adoption Pending MD PA 9/24/1993 F PM
STIRLING Adoption Pending TX OR 4/18/1997 M PM

ALISTER Applications MO Approximately 7 4 M SS
CARO Applications WI 7/27/2003 1 F PM
DUKE Applications IL 4/30/2002 1 M SS
GABBY Applications IL 8/26/2003 1 F OS
SIDDA LEE Applications TX 4/29/2004 1 F PM
TEENSY Applications IL 11/20/2003 2 F PM
TILLMAN Applications TX 4/11/2002 1 M OS
VIVI Applications TX 11/28/2001 1 F PM

AJ No Applications FL 1/3/2003 M OS
ANNIE No Applications TX Approx 4 yo F OS
BELLA No Applications OR 9/20/2002 F OS
BINGO No Applications NY 01-93 10 M OS to Shelter
BOGART No Applications VT 11/2/1995 M PM
BRINNA No Applications PA 11/27/1995 F PM
CARYN No Applications MI 11/7/1997 F OS
CONNOR No Applications TX 4/29/2004 M PM
DEVON No Applications AL 3 y.o. M PM
FALKIRK No Applications TX Approx 4 yo M PM
GENTLE BEN No Applications MD Approx 12 y.o. M SS
GORDIE No Applications MO 1995 M PM
HIGGINS No Applications IL 5/5/2001 M OS to Shelter
JUMPING JACK FLASH No Applications TX 1-2 yo M OS
KEARA No Applications VA 9/28/1999 F PM
KRAMER No Applications IA May, 2003 M OS
LEXI No Applications TX Approx 7 F SS
MANNY No Applications MI Approx 1 yo M SS
McGREGOR No Applications IL 3 y.o. M OS
MELANIE (Mellie) No Apps SC 1992? F OS to Shelter
MISS PITTY PAT No Applications FL 1 yo F OS to Shelter
NECIE No Applications AR 9/18/2003 F PM
NICHOLAS No Applications SC 2/15/2002 M OS
PADDY aka BENJI No Applications TX 3/17/1987 M OS
PARKER No Applications NY 12/23/2003 M OS
PEGGY SUE No Applications FL 1 yo F OS to Shelter
PEYTON No Applications OH Approx 6yo M SS
RAINBOW No Applications TX 11/17/1997 F OS
RICKY No Applications NJ Approx 5 or 6 M OS to Shelter
SCRUFFY No Applications MS ??? M OS
TUCK No Applications VA 3/15/2002 M OS
TUCKER No Applications TX Approx 5 yo M SS
ZOE No Applications CO 1/5/2003 F OS

Lynda and the Minkies
Member PageMember Page May 25 at 11:07
Re: CPCRN Status May 18 Reply to this Message

I thought of this yesterday and wondered where you'd been. Wow, there are lots being adopted. Sadly, all my favourites have no applications...
John / Irene TOBY
Member PageMember Page May 25 at 16:50
Re: CPCRN Status May 18 Reply to this Message

So many needing homes very sad Hope they all get one

John / iren TOBY
Amanda Krout
June 16 at 11:41
Re: CPCRN Status May 18 Reply to this Message

what about that one in Iowa,where in iowa, how old is he. call 515-576-1581 or 515-573-2757 or email noodles23@hotmail.com. amanda
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