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CPCRN needs foster homes in KS, OH, NY Reply to this Message
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CPCRN needs foster homes in KS, OH, NY

Col. Potter currently needs a foster home near the eastern part of KS, (Kaaren has a full house). We also need a foster home near the NE part of OH, and one near New York.

If you have recently adopted from us, you will be considered approved to foster..

If you have room for one, trust me, this is very rewarding... I think of it as taking care of a friends dog.. I just havent met the friend yet....

What it gets down to, is that if we dont have a place to put a dog, we cant take it in. Your choice might truly be a life and death choice for the dog.

(oh, and we do need them in other states too.. its just we are really swamped in these three)

CPCRN Foster Homes
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