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AJ, I See You've Been Busy !! Reply to this Message
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Lynda and the Minkies
Member PageMember Page May 26 at 10:52
AJ, I See You've Been Busy !!

Great to see the photos of Ashley and Maggie Mae with their new folks...so wonderfully happy.
Love the wee Scottie Hobbs....and the Westie-Kleofkorn...that's an odd name !! Are they both staying with you ?
(The photos are blogged, folks).

A.J. & the kids in Omaha
Member PageMember Page June 09 at 14:21
Re: AJ, I See You've Been Busy !! Reply to this Message

Oh, Lynda...
It has been VERY BUSY in rescue lately...
Maggie Mae and Ashley are both very happily adopted and adored. Kleofkorn (now Cliffy) is very close to being adopted by his forever family. He is currently in Lu Ann's care working on his allergy problems, and precious little 4 month old Hobbs is in a foster home in Omaha.
We brought in Frodo into rescue in Omaha & he is in Janeal's foster care in Omaha and I just posted little Sparky the Westie/Carin mix on the Rescue board.
Let's find some wonderful forever homes for all of these terriers in need.

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