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Member PageMember Page May 29 at 01:38

I actually got to meet Geronimo last weekend as well.. his name is Angus now.. and he is a little snot..said nicely...
He is cute as a button.. but his new family was being very lenient with him and he was taking advantage..
a common mistake with rescue dogs is to not give them the same discipline you would give any other dog because you dont want to be like where he was before..
well you certainly cant be.. but you can err on being too lenient.. so Geronimo was being a usual cairn teenager brat.... (he was fairly young)..
His new mom and dad will be taking back the running of the house...
they really love him dearly... and he is a cute little butt head.

I had sent a note to Sedonas mom saying if she changed her mind I'd take her back in a heartbeat... she said 'not a chance'....

Pam and pups
May 29 at 09:34
Re: Geronimo... Reply to this Message

Wow, it is so hard to believe that that frightened little guy that was here is being a snot. But he was always protective of Scarlet(Rosie). Sounds like he is being a bit of a teenager but I know that it can be worked out! I hear that Rose is drop-dead gorgeous too. She was very cute when she was here--but was not in full hair. How does she act--is she still so shy or has she begun to come out of it?

I know thier new family will do whatever they need to to fix this temporary problem.
Lynda and the Minkies
Member PageMember Page May 29 at 13:37
Re: Geronimo... Reply to this Message

Geronimo was my favourite of the Injuns' so I was thrilled to read this !! Hope they continue working with their Angus so he doesn't become a handful.
Great news with Sedona, too.
Member PageMember Page May 29 at 19:24
Re: Geronimo... Reply to this Message

Yep, Rosie is still drop dead gorgeous..
and yes, this is a family that cares very much for their little ones, I have no doubts they will do well...
Petey and the Wigglebutts
Member PageMember Page June 01 at 12:03
Re: Geronimo... Reply to this Message

WOW!!!! We're so happy to hear that Angus (Geronimo) is doing so good. That makes us feel super-terrific! Thanks, Corrinne! P.S. Wouldn't have an updated pic, by chance?
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