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Ben is doing well after surgery Reply to this Message
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Member PageMember Page June 03 at 22:36
Ben is doing well after surgery

Sorry this is so late, but I spent most of the afternoon resting with Ben....had to make sure he didnt chew anything.

Ben had his surgery today. My vet removed the largest lump he had on his chest. It was a fatty tumor that had grown under the muscle and felt very large, hard and we were afraid his ribs were involved.. they were not. She also removed the open lump on his leg and closed that up. And lastly she removed a lump he had on the right side of his face between his ear and eye. All lumps removed are being biopsied, not sure when the results are back. Not all lumps were removed.. I had 'plotted' out all the lumps he had and there were over 20 of them... two which were fatty tumors (the one removed and one other). My vet believes the rest are a skin problem that is causing the majority of the lumps. She is hoping the biopsies will give us enough information to treat the rest of them without surgery. A big concern is that legs have very little 'extra' skin... so if she removes the lumps she may not have enough skin to properly close the wound.

He also had a dental and had xrays done... His lungs and abdomen do not appear to have cancer. I will be talking more about the xrays with her tomorrow.. but any 'immediate' health concerns are not there.

His ears are doing much better. I have been putting the drops in and he had them cleaned Tuesday and today.. and is on antibiotics as well..

Ben is a real trooper.. he was snuggling me and wanted hugs. He also flirted a bit with Edy... she is SUCH a hussy. He was pleased to get his afternoon meal (had to wait a while after we came home as well...) He LOVES pumpkin which is good.. since he is still grossly overweight at 26.3 lbs (he lost .3 lbs since he's been here!)

Ben is a VERY NICE cairn... actually, having taken him.. and my three cairns (for shots) all in today, I got complimented on how nice and well behaved all 4 of them were.... (guess they wanted to make a liar of me)

beaming here in Savage MD

Lynda and the Minkies
Member PageMember Page June 04 at 03:49
Re: Ben is doing well after surgery Reply to this Message

Pleased all seems to be well for Gentle Ben, Corinne. Great news. Sparky has another wee lump on her back but when the vet removed the one on her leg last year he advised leaving it as long as it got no larger as she'd look like a patchwork otherwise !! I only had the leg one removed as it grew a bit and, like Ben, it was on part of the leg with little spare for coverage.
Hope all his results are good.
John / Irene TOBY
Member PageMember Page June 04 at 17:14
Re: Ben is doing well after surgery Reply to this Message

We are so pleased Ben is Doing well Bless Him

John / irene TOBY
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