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CPCRN WOW report - June 2004 Reply to this Message
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Member PageMember Page July 03 at 16:36
CPCRN WOW report - June 2004

Dear Friends,

It's worth a moment to reflect on the extraordinary efforts of SO MANY ANGELS who have a direct hand in saving these little ones.

We always need help! As the number of needy Cairns that we are taking into our program continues to rise (dramatically!), the urgent need for volunteers of all kinds continues to grow. We cannot continue to lean on the same people over and over again. WE NEED YOU!!!!! And you can help in an almost infinite number of ways. If you love this breed...and you MUST if you're reading this, please help us help them. We'll find something that matches your talents, your available time, and your willing spirit. Contact Sue Mower at: smower@uvm.edu (remove the spaces before and after the "@"). She'd love to hear from you, and I promise you....helping us help them makes YOU feel so good about yourself!

So, without further ado, here are CPCRN's June numbers:

CPCRN rescued 29 Cairns in June . Of those: 5 Were Breeder Surrenders,7 Owner Surrenders, 9 Shelter Surrenders, 5 Were Puppymill Auctions

CPCRN had 65 Cairns in our loving care as of June 30th! I believe that is the largest number of Cairns in our program to date.

60 Applications were received, 20 Were denied for being incomplete or not meeting organization requirements, 40 Apps sent to coordinators for Ref Checks

25 apps sent to HSV team for HSV's, 4 withdrew before HSI, 26 HSI's completed, 2 Apps denied by Adoption Committee, 26 Apps approved by Adoption Committee

13 Dogs Adopted, 23 Approved Homes Assigned to a MatchMaker, 7 No longer interested or adopted elsewhere, 34 Approved homes actively in process of being matched

33 Adopted Dogs Followed Up On

4 New Volunteers Recruited

17 Transports Conducted, 23 Dogs Transported (more than 1 dog is transported frequently ), 39 Drivers Involved

18435 Total Miles Driven - And NO that number is NOT a mistake! Over 18000 miles were driven last month!

Col Potter Cairn Rescue Network
Member PageMember Page July 03 at 16:39
Executive Summary Reply to this Message

Soooooo....here's this month's "executive summary":
We SAVED a dog almost every single day last month, and them some!!
We received 2 applications each day - and sent over 1 per day to be RefChecked!!
We completed 1 Home Safety Inspection almost every day!
We contacted and helped support more than 1 adoptive owner each day!
We recruited a new volunteer to our organization once per week ...and added a new CRM member almost every 4th day!
We transported a dog into foster care or to its new forever home at the pace of 804 miles per dog delivered! 18,435 miles driven THIS MONTH is almost 3/4 of
the way AROUND THE EARTH!!! Thank You, Bill Starks, and your amazing Team of Transport Volunteers!
And....we adopted a carefully matched Cairn to a "forever home" almost every other day!

Through the end of June , here's our year-to-date statistics:
We have RESCUED 144 Cairns
We have RECEIVED and reviewed 509 Applications - A special THANK YOU here to Joan Aycock, who handles ALL incoming Apps herself!
We have COMPLETED RefChecks on 344 applicants
We have INSPECTED 193 applicant homes
We have DRIVEN over 24535 volunteer transport miles
We have ADOPTED 118 Cairns into loving forever homes of their own!

The statistics speak for themselves, my friends. But more importantly, they speak for those without voices of their own...the needy little Cairns that ALL of you who help us in our efforts work so diligently to serve. Thank you, my friends, from me and the other members of the Board. And thank you most of all from all the Cairns you have helped to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome this year! An enormous "AHROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO"!!!! to all of you from all of them!


(and here's a pic of Waylyn - one of our newest!!)

Faces of Rescue 2004

Lynda and the Minkies
Member PageMember Page July 03 at 16:53
Re: CPCRN WOW report - June 2004 Reply to this Message

That IS a big WOW for sure....that's certainly some mileage they're all doing too.
Well done everyone...
Theo and Casey
Member PageMember Page July 05 at 09:44
Re: CPCRN WOW report - June 2004 Reply to this Message

Your stats record keeping is incredible. This really opened my eyes to the complexity of your organization.

Cudos Corrine, you have taken an impossible task and grabbed it by the balls (hope I don't offend anyone with this).

I wish I could help more, keep me in mind if you need any home checks across the border.

Robin, Mishy's Mummy
Member PageMember Page July 05 at 19:54
Re: CPCRN WOW report - June 2004 Reply to this Message

Theo and Casey posted:
"I wish I could help more, keep me in mind if you need any home checks across the border."

Do you know how to use a computer? Word processing and stuff? We could use more volunteers doing computer work like editing the next volume of the cookbook when the time comes and Written In Stone. That's what I do since I can't do any of the hands-on contact with the pups. You can also spread the word about rescue and puppymills and pet stores! You can also shop in the mall if the stores ship to where you are. There are LOTS of ways you can help!

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