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September 01 at 11:35

and we still haven¹t seen the records.²

According to Landon, the Ohio SPCA is ready to work with Pike County to improve conditions at the pound. ³We¹d like to get things back on track and have a good working relationship with them,² she says. ³These poor animals don¹t need much, and we have plenty of people who are ready and willing to help.²

On behalf of those who cannot speak for themselves, please write, fax, or call the individuals below. Let them know this cruelty must stop immediately! (It is imperative that all correspondence be polite and dignified.)


Governor Bob Taft
30th Floor
77 South High Street
Columbus, Ohio 43215-6117
Phone 614-466-3555 or 614-644-HELP
You can also send an email to Gov. Taft:

Waverly is Senate District 17: Senator John Carey Address:
Senate Building
Room #134, Ground Floor
Columbus, Ohio 43215
email: sd17@mailr.sen.state.oh.us

House District 86: Rep. David Daniels Address:
77 S. High St
11th Floor
Columbus,OH 43215-6111
Telephone: (614) 466-3506
Fax: (614) 644-9494
Email Address: district86@ohr.state.oh.us

Pike County Commissioners
100 East Second Street
County Courthouse
Waverly, OH 45690 -1301
Phone: (740)947-4817
Fax: (740)947-5065
James Brushart Commissioner, President
John Harbert Commissioner
Harry Rider Commissioner
Email: pkcoc@bright.net

Ohio's Voice for the Animals
P. O. Box 546 Grove City, Ohio 43123

Never, never be afraid to do what's right especially if the well being of a person or animal is at stake. Society's punishments are small compared to the wounds we inflict on our soul when we look the other way.

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