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September 19 at 22:56
Bam Bam update

Well our little mix, that we could not figure out what kind of mix, that was deemed aggesive and just about a gonner by the shelter terms, who was saved and WRM took him in he deserved a second chance. SOOO sad he was the perfect dog except you are NOT allowed to pick him up, was adopted today by his forever family!! Great news and thank you to WRM for taking this little one in, under you wings and protecting him!
P.S the cat is happy he is gone he thought one night he was going to be dinner, so did I!!LOL

Lynda and the Minkies
Member PageMember Page September 20 at 08:29
Re: Bam Bam update Reply to this Message

Was this the one Pam's husband collected ???
That's just super news, Tara. Thankyou for the great news.
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