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Member PageMember Page September 24 at 10:16
Recent news from cpcrn

From Aly, CPCRN Intakes..

Good Morning everyone -

I just wanted to bring you all up to date on our puppy mill progress - Rowena, Reese and Rylee have all moved in to their temporary foster homes, Thanks to the great work of our Transport team. Reese and Rylee will head out this weekend to the Foster homes that will keep them until we find them their forever homes.
We still believe that Rowena may be pregnant, so we will be moving her east next weekend. Rigby, Reanna, and Regina are still at the vets in MO - They are all vetted and ready to go to their foster homes, one will be picked up on Saturday and the other two will head east with Rowena. I am hoping that two foster homes close to Ann will take the girls, so we can get then all in to foster care by next weekend.

Rowdy, Rachel, and Rock are all in foster care, and because of there young age are ready to start looking for their forever families... Remy & Rodney are moving up to MI for vetting and Remy will stay in MI and Rodney will be moving to Canada for Fostering.

Whew - Next week 10 come up in an auction, so I have emailed privately all the homes in the Northeast that had said they would take a kid - So, I am hoping everyone is still willing and able, so we can go for all 10 - Fingers Crossed!! I will keep you posted.
Here is a new development on the "Mill Front" ...

I spoke with an animal control officer two days ago and there has been a mill bust with a "ton" of Cairns, and once the court hearing is over and the county takes ownership of the dogs; she would like to release them to rescue... They are really hoping the breeder gets jail time - her breeding practice was to let the dogs go untreated for worms, so they wouldn't grow and she could get more money...I know, crazy, but that is a direct quote from the Animal control officer - 77 dogs were seized and with the puppies that have been born they are up to 96 dogs. I don't know what percentage is cairns, but it is over 20.

There are no guarantees that these dogs will ever come into rescue, but if they do - we need to be ready for them.... :)

OK - Everybody - ALL HANDS ON DECK!!
We are going to need transporter (contact BBB if you haven't already signed up to help there) we are going to need $$, so send the auction listing to everyone and anyone that you think will be interested in, and there are tons of other jobs that need filling from reference checking to post adoption, just contact Susan Mower and she will help you find the right fit for you.And as always - WE NEED FOSTER HOMES!! Oh and if someone has paper bags, you might want to send them to Danielle -

Thanks everyone for your prayers, good thoughts and Support - We couldn't do this without all of you!! I am just so proud to be part of this group -

ROCK ON - Let's go SAVE some dawgs ....

Volunteer opportunities with CPCRN
Lynda and the Minkies
Member PageMember Page September 24 at 16:12
Re: Recent news from cpcrn Reply to this Message

Well done on all you guys are doing and the success stories thus far this year. You're doing wonderfully.
Annie & E Gang
Member PageMember Page September 24 at 17:16
Re: Recent news from cpcrn Reply to this Message

Thank you for all the hard work and help you are doing for these we puppers and hope and pray they all find forever homes.
Love and kisses xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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