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Annie Smith
October 07 at 14:45
Foster Parents

I am new to this and only posted a few times but I was wondering is it against the rules for a foster parent to get in touch with someone to tell them a little more about the dog than what is in their little bio? I'd take every dog on all the sites that is my husband's worry, but I see some don't like cats and a cat loving dog is a must. I saw Jade, she's the one in Washington, a Cairn and I had some ?'s but it might be a no no for a foster parent to contact someone I don't know as I said I'm new to this and I dont' want to cause a problem or get anyone in trouble. Thank you. Annie

Lynda and the Minkies
Member PageMember Page October 07 at 15:35
Re: Foster Parents Reply to this Message

I doubt it would be a problem and if they weren't keen to impart information I'd wonder why...
Porter and Heidi
Member PageMember Page October 07 at 15:47
Re: Foster Parents Reply to this Message

Annie, it really depends on the rescue you are working with.
If the rescue is run by several dept. and they all have a particular part they each plan in the process, then you can see why this may not work out.
And may I suggest to only communicate with approved homes/
Nancy :)

Member PageMember Page October 07 at 16:06
Re: Foster Parents Reply to this Message

Well, I foster Cadell and now Reanna for col Potter.. Normally I dont email directly to anyone about them until they are approved homes. I wouldnt want to get anyones hopes up.. and there could be a LOT of folk that want to talk..and I may or may not have a lot of time...
that being said, I post about her for others to read (you should read about Reanna...) and i have written a few about Cadell.. it just depends on the time I have....

KNOW that a foster mom doesnt pick the forever family - at least in Col Potter - all the background checks and matching are done before we talk.. usually the matchmakers get you down to one or two dogs (and getting along with cats is a question they would ask) and then you talk to the foster family and they to you... we foster moms can question the match.. I did on one who wanted a well housetrained dog and liked Sedona.. who was anything BUT housetrained... she eventually got another..

so... all in all... we might talk to you.. but generally we dont until you actually can get the dog.

Annie Smith
October 07 at 16:19
Re: Foster Parents Reply to this Message

Thanks Everyone....I know alot of times you don't get the dog you put in for, I just saw Jade who is a Col Potter dog and was wondering a little more about her, actually I saw alot of dogs and puppies on that site but she seemed like she liked cats and everyone else but I haven't put an app. in since I have't gotten the OK from "the boss" I figure if I hit him with as much info as I can he might soften, not that he doesn't love them all, he does but he thinks having more than one dog and one cat at a time they might fight and they might, I don't know I just can never say no to a homeless animal, I did write to the e-mail by one dog I had seen thinking it was going to the foster parent but it just went to the people at Col Potter and they told me they couldn't tell me more about the dog. I will check out Reanna and Cadell. I don't care about housebreaking, I am home all day, Noah was a challenge but I took him out every 1/2 hr and he got the hang of it, took my Westie almost a yr but once she was housebroken she was real good about it....my biggest thing is any dog we get has to like cats. Again thanks for your help. Annie
October 08 at 10:56
Re: Foster Parents Reply to this Message

In Cairn Rescue USA your email would automatically go to the officer list for mail and we would ask you to complete the online application before sending your inquiry to the foster home. We have been having a hard time putting dogs up on a timely basis (due to understaffing) so we do have several dogs that people don't know of.

The exception to requiring that you submit your application before answering your questions may be if the dog is being fostered by one of the officers and that officer sees your email. Our practice is mostly for the benefit of the foster homes. We do let them answer questions but only after we have determined that the applicant meets our adoption criteria (i.e. that there are no red flags).

Once we determine that there are no red flags (and you can figure out what we would consider a red flag from reading our FAQs), the Placement Advisor for your region contacts you, usually by phone and she becomes the link between you and the foster home with respect to questions.

We generally let our foster homes pick from among the applications received for their foster dog and you may say that they also have veto power because we won't place a dog in a home that the foster home disapproves of.

Cairn Rescue USA


Annie Smith
October 09 at 22:39
Re: Foster Parents Reply to this Message

Thank you, seems all the groups want the application before giving more info on the dogs, I can understand that since the foster parents might be doing nothing but answering e-mails. I just had a few ?'s about one dog and when I sent the e-mail I was thinking it was going to the foster mom not realizing it was going to the group and they didn't know the answers to my ?'s. Still working on getting the OK anyway so I can't put an app. in before the OK. Hopefully that someday will come, I see those little faces and want them all. This will be the 20th anniversary of my Westie's death and it's like she's pushing me to rescue a terrier, Westie or Cairn, this never happened to me before but it's so weird like she's involved with this somehow, if she is I wish she'd get her "father" to get with the program here. I can't really find much info on Westie Rescues, the Cairn site is really good and of course I want them all. The thing I need to know that some tell you and some don't is if they like cats since any dog I got HAS to like cats and the younger the dog the better to get used to our household which can be a bit nutty at times. Anyway thanks for your help, I just came on to check and saw your note, sorry I didn't answer sooner, other times I got an e-mail saying there was an answer to my ? but didn't get anything this time but then my server has been wacky all day. Thanks again. Annie
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