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CuddlyPuppy Petition Update Reply to this Message
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Member PageMember Page November 09 at 12:25
CuddlyPuppy Petition Update

Just checked..

People Mag is at 25,500+

Ppl Mag
Member PageMember Page November 09 at 12:27
Oprah Reply to this Message

Oprah Petition is at 21,000 +

Has anyone any news on what is happening with these??


A.J. & the kids in Omaha
Member PageMember Page November 09 at 14:53
Re: Oprah Reply to this Message

This was posted on another resuce group site:

please be sure to post and cross post this to as many people and groups as you can
Friday Nov 12....we are going to make Oprah listen with One voice...ours!

Fellow Animal Lovers and Advocates:

If you are reading this, it means someone knows you well enough to know that you love animals and you want what is best for them. We (the Animal Community) want you to please contact Oprah and encourage her to do a show to expose the seedy world of puppy mills and the animals that suffer at the hands of the humans they trust, only for profit.

Pleasesign this petition and read this letter...we are planning this from the east cost to the west....and anywere else,we are not going to be a silent underground movement anymore!!! We are going to make people listen to us.

Friday, November 12 is NATIONAL LISTEN TO US DAY!
we are all going to flood the oprah show with email, letters and photos of our before and afters!
When Oprah speaks people listen..this is worth a try there are so many of us ..lets raise our voices and be heard! We need someone with the power to change things.Oprah has this power.Do it for the dogs please.

PUPPY MILLS! As most of you know, this nightmarish industry not only is detrimental to many breeds of dogs, it creates issues that shelters and rescues end up dealing with. It is a cruel, hurtful industry and who suffers? THE DOGS! Dogs suffer terribly at puppy mills for no reason other than to be a moneymaking breeding-machine and this cruel practice needs to stop. These people profit off of cruelty, neglect, heartlessness and just plain pain and they don't want the public to know. For those of you in rescue, you are aware that large numbers of dogs that come into rescue are a result of puppy mills/pet stores. Many suffer health issues & temperament issues. With our country's shelters already filled to over-flowing, we do not need more poorly bred puppies/dogs being heaped on top of that pile! Please take a moment of your time to help stop the atrocities that are created by pet shops and puppy mills. Write a letter and/or story about America’s “dirty little secret”. Include pictures, before and after, if you have them. We are starting a campaign!! We all sit around and complain about what is going on, but only some of us actually do something. Education is the key!! And what better way to get the information out to the public then on a large scale, highly watched venue!! The Oprah Show.
Many in the past have sent letters and emails with little or no response. But maybe if we all stand together and make a statement they will have to take notice! So start gathering your letters, pictures, and stories. Send them on the morning of Friday Nov 12th to:

A.J. & the kids in Omaha
Member PageMember Page November 09 at 14:55
Re: Oprah 2nd half of email Reply to this Message

So start gathering your letters, pictures, and stories. Send them on the morning of Friday Nov 12th to:

Please write to Oprah at:

Harpo Studios

1058 W. Washington

Chicago, IL 60607

312 663-1000

E-mail Oprah


Show suggestions


For more information on the fight against puppy mills and what they stand for, please visit one of the links below:









If you are not a 'letter writer', please feel free to use the letter below and personalize it to make it your own. Thank you in advance for your time and dedication.
Dear Oprah,
I want to first thank you for your contribution to many issues you have tackled over the years. There is yet another tough issue that needs a tough woman to expose it. Puppy Mills. Please take the time to do a bit of research into the seedy world where people profit from the pain of animals. Animals trust their humans to do what is right and stuffing them in small cages, devoid of human contact, comfort and sometimes even food and water is not the right thing. These animals are confined for their entire lives, forced to breed every heat cycle and when their usefulness is exhausted they are discarded like garbage, often killed. Please expose these horrible places for the Hell holes they are and help us to stop the pain and suffering of thousands of dogs that didn't ask to be brought into this world and have no voice, no choice. We are asking that you be that voice.
Thank you in advance for your valuable time and consideration.
Very Sincerely,

cross post to all rescue and animal welfare groups we need as many people as possible!!
our voices and the petition, photos and stories could help the dogs suffering now

Member PageMember Page November 09 at 13:18
New one.. Purina Reply to this Message

Purina is apparently endorsing the website http://cuddlypuppy.com as evidenced by their logo on the "puppy care" page,

Go.... Sign!!!


Lynda and the Minkies
Member PageMember Page November 09 at 17:25
Re: New one.. Purina Reply to this Message

Thanks for the updates, Theo. We signed the latest.
Annie & E Gang
Member PageMember Page November 09 at 17:04
Re: CuddlyPuppy Petition Update Reply to this Message

We just signed Theo.Thank you for posting.
Love and kisses xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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