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Member PageMember Page November 27 at 20:49
SO Saaaaaaadd....

Oh woe is me, a sad little westie I be.

My Homey can't quite love me from so far,
I think I'll bottle myself in jar.

He'll always be in my heart
at least I haven't lost a part.

I'm trying to decide if I should market myself again
or just put me in a pen....

Oh woe is me
I think I may flee
with all the talk of love in the air
I may join the circus au terrier.

boo hoo woe is me
where is that flea
at least a bite from him
kept me running at the gym.
night all
I'll cry on mommies wall
but that's to hard
I'll just do it on her pillow instead.

Goood Night terriers so dear
do not fear
I won't do anything rash
just maybe scratch

I am only 3 and a half, it must be the half so many have trouble with

I am still a single lady
guess Furby will have to be my date for Roo's wedding

Oh what a thought
to bad there's no drought
Good night finally
I'll cry myself to sleep
and wipe my nose and few other things on Mom's clean pillow...

Member PageMember Page November 27 at 21:37
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out this under the wrong one...
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