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To Get A Westie? Reply to this Message
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November 29 at 17:47
To Get A Westie?

We are trying to decide if a westie is for us. We have read that they are really high strung and hard to deal with if you are not home all the time. If anyone could please tell us about the temperment of their westies we would greatly appreciate it!

zips mom
Member PageMember Page November 29 at 20:04
Re: To Get A Westie? Reply to this Message

We had 2 Westies, one a male and one a female over a twenty year period. Never ever found any of the above to be a problem. Easy to train, loved to please you and no problems if left in the house alone. They really were wonderful little dogs. Pat Zips Mom

Val & Mac
Member PageMember Page November 30 at 17:39
Re: To Get A Westie? Reply to this Message

I would just like to add to Pat's comments. I have been married for 40 years and through that time we have gone through many different breeds of dogs. Just recently we adopted a Westie from an animal shelter and I told my husband the other day that this latest dog is the best dog we have ever had. Mac cannot do enough to please you. He is house trained, loves to go for walks on a leash and travels real well in a car. He has the cutest face and when he looks at you with those big black eyes he can not do anything wrong. I have left Mac in the house for about 5 hours and have come home and the house is the same as I left it. Maybe I am lucky. I say go for it - I don't think you will be sorry.
Val - Mac's mom
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