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Member PageMember Page December 02 at 21:55
CPCRN Status - adopted

Dog Status Foster State Forever State Number of Apps Gender Adoption Date Intake Status
ANISE now Annie Adopted OH OH 11/20/04 PM
CARMEN Adopted FL VA 11/28/04 SS
CYPRESS Adopted VT VT 11/7/04 11/1/04 PM
EMMY LOU Adopted OH NY 11/6/04 PM
ETTA Adopted OH MA 11/13/04 SS
FENNEL now Alina Adopted PA NY 11/28/04 PM
GALINA Adopted CA WA 11/24/04 PM
GOLDIE now Piper Adopted OR OR 11/5/04 PM
GOODIE now Bosco Adopted MI IL 11/13/04 PM
JACKAROO Adopted TX TX 12/1/04 OS
JOEY Adopted NJ NJ 11/10/04 PM
LARISA now Carys Adopted OR OR 11/3/04 PM
MAGNOLIA now Ciara Adopted MO MO 11/3/04 PM
MIMOSA Adopted VA MD 11/6/04 PM
MISHKA Adopted WA AK 11/20/04 PM
NEWTON Adopted TX CA 11/13/04 SS
NIKOLAI Adopted OR CA 11/7/04 PM
OPRAH now Darla Adopted SC NC 11/12/04 SS
OREO Now Emma Adopted OH MI 11/6/04 SS
PHOEBE Adopted NY IL 12/1/04 PM
RACHEL Adopted PA NC 11/22/04 PM
ROWDY Adopted OH NM 11/21/04 PM
SADIE Adopted NY NY 11/10/04 OS to Shelter
SIENNA Adopted WI WI 11/2/04 SS

Lynda and the Minkies
Member PageMember Page December 03 at 16:09
Re: CPCRN Status - adopted Reply to this Message

That's a GREAT list !!! None of "my" doggies there though !!
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