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Member PageMember Page December 06 at 01:07

This little Daisy is sitting in a large breed rescue (temp foster care) and is in need of a WESTIE rescue to help!! I've been in touch with Lisa and she is keeping tabs on the shelter and they said that someone did call about her last week and when they found out that she was diabetic the declined taking her!! Daisy needs a WESTIE RESCUE group to help her! She is feeling a bit picked over for healthy dogs. Are there no foster homes available to help her? I fear Daisy may end up put to sleep because she fell through the cracks. Please help her!! This is our breed folks!! Get the word out!! Check your applications and send out a plea of help to save Daisy!! If there is a will, there is a way to help Daisy!! Lets do it!!

I've copied a map to show her direct location. PLEASE - send this out to any rescuer you know or a small breed group that can help.


Original Post:

To: westierescueofmissouri@rescueteam.com
Subject: Westie in need....
Date: Tue, 30 Nov 2004 19:06:11 -0600

Hello. I am writing on behalf of the hope animal shelter in Ironwwod Michigan. They have taken in a VERY thin westie that was being used for breeding. After finding out she is diabetic and helping her physical needs they are in need of help from a rescue if possible as they are a larger breed shelter and have her in temp. foster care as we speak. they have called on me as I am the VP of 4thehounds basset rescue and have many contacts in the dog world so to speak.If you can help them at all PLEASE contact them at 906-932-1511 or email me at ldelich@chartermi.net

thank you for your kindness!!!!
Wamest regards,
Lisa Delich

Updated Post as of December 5, 2004

To: "Westie Rescue of Missouri"
Subject: Re: Westie in need....
Date: Sun, 5 Dec 2004 16:57:39 -0600

I talked with Randy at the hope animal shelter on thurs and he said as of then no one had came forward to take her. Someone had called but when they found out she is diabetic they said no. To my knowledge Daisy is still looking for a home. I will call again tomarrow to get an update. My number at work is 906-229-5512. My name is Lisa Delich.
You can call me anytime if you need more info.

Thanks for all your help!!!!
Lisa Delich


Here is the map:

A MapQuest map has been sent to you by robnang3@insightbb.com. To view your map, click on this link or cut and paste this link into your browser's location bar. http://www.mapquest.com/maps/map.adp?email=1&mapdat MapQuest.com is the Web's leading provider of free Maps and Driving Directions. Visit us today at www.mapquest.com.

Member PageMember Page December 06 at 01:09
Re: RED ALERT!! IRONWOOD, MI Reply to this Message

Michigan and Wisconsin are unable to assist Daisy due to her location and lack of room. Please send this to someone who can help her!!

Beth Widdows
Member PageMember Page December 13 at 14:44
Re: RED ALERT!! IRONWOOD, MI Reply to this Message

I want to clarify that Michigan is in touch with the shelter (and has been for some time) and they do NOT WANT help at this time. The dog is in foster care and the shelter is no kill. They will let me know if they want help in the future. The dog is in no danger.
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