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Annie Smith
February 04 at 10:23
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Hi, I'm not on here looking much since my hopes for another doggy were dashed when my dog put a stop to it all letting us know he WILL NOT be happy about another dog. He loves our new Jack the Cat though, we got him through a rescue [He was dumped on the streets of Jersey City and thankfully someone got him to a shelter and the rescue group got him from there and now THANKFULLY he's in his forever home, Noah is a shelter boy too beyond precious just hates other dogs!]and he's a rip but we're having fun with him, even our female cat is liking him more than we ever hoped so that was a relief and nice to see. Anyway my cousin's kid got a puppy for Christmas, not a terrier but a Bichon and already they are talking about breeding her. THESE PEOPLE KNOW NOTHING ABOUT BREEDING, I'm not even sure if the puppy is pure bred since as precious and cute as she is she doesn't look like any Bichon Puppies I've seen before. Anyway awhile back when I used to check on all the doggies and their antics when I thought we'd be adding a Westie or Cairn to the family I saw where someone wrote in about breeding their dog and there were so many great posts as to WHY it is NOT a good idea, someone and again I can't remember who, had a list of the major dangers to the mother dog and all the responsibilies of breeding etc. There might have been a web site listed I'm not sure but if who ever wrote that one post about why NOT TO BREED could repeat it I'd sure appreciate it since I want to pass that on. I normally don't like to mind people's business but there are so many dogs [and cats, horses etc] that are needing homes why should people who don't have a clue start breeding, I don't get why but that's like the first thing they said when they got her, they're going to breed her, makes me NUTS and that one post was so great I think the person who originally wrote about breeding her dog changed her mind. If you could reprint it or pass me on to the page it was on [I tried to do a search before bothering anyone here but couldn't find it] I'd appreciate it since I'd like to pass it on to them and hope they will rethink their decision, the puppy is just small now so they won't be breeding her any time soon but I want to give them something to think about and hope they love her enough to not breed her since that is so NOT a good idea, not for her or the dog population. Thanks. Annie Smith

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