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Member PageMember Page February 09 at 14:43
CPCRN January WOW Report Vote for this post

Dear Friends

We’re starting this year off with a bang. A record 40 Cairns were adopted last month!!!! Congratulations all around to the MatchMakers, Home Safety Inspection Team, and the Communication Team!!! GREAT WORK! Other numbers were also record setting. WOW Indeed!!!

If you aren’t already volunteering for our organization, PLEASE consider becoming a part of this terrific group! We need volunteers in virtually EVERY area of our Group. Susan Mower (smower @ uvm.edu) would love to hear from you! She is our Volunteer Coordinator, and she can match your interests, skills, and time availability with a desperately needed task in our Group!!!! Please write to Susan, she’d love to hear from you!

Here’s January’s numbers:

CPCRN rescued 32 Cairns in January
16 Were Breeder Surrenders
11 Owner Surrenders
5 Shelter Surrenders
0 Were Puppymill Auctions

CPCRN had 65 Cairns in our loving care as of January 31, 2005.

180 Applications were received – This is the 2nd consecutive month of RECORD SETTING numbers of Applications received
44 Were denied for being incomplete or not meeting organization requirements
85 Apps sent to coordinators for Ref Checks - Another record month - THANK YOU COORDINATORS!!!
51 Placed on 60 day temporary hold

50 apps sent to HSV team for HSV's - Another RECORD
1 withdrew before HSI
36 HSI's completed

41 Applications Approved to Adopt
4 Applications Denied by the Committee

40 Dogs Adopted – A RECORD MONTH!!!!
46 Approved Homes Assigned to a MatchMaker
3 No longer interested or adopted elsewhere
31 Approved homes actively in process of being matched

38 Adopted Dogs Followed Up On

23 Transports Conducted
35 Dogs Transported (more than 1 dog is transported frequently )
45 Volunteers Involved in Transporting
13,576 Total Transport Miles (includes airline transport, driving, etc.)

Soooooo....here's this month's "executive summary":

We saved a dog a little more than once EVERY day this month!
We received over 5-3/4 applications each day - and sent ALMOST 3 per day to be RefChecked!!
We completed moret than 1 Home Safety Inspection EVERY SINGLE DAY!
We contacted and helped support more than 1 adoptive owners every day!
We transported a dog into foster care or to its new forever home at the pace of 388 miles per dog delivered!
And....we adopted a carefully matched Cairn to a "forever home" EVERY 18-1/2 HOURS – ALL MONTH LONG!!!!!

Col Potter Cairn Rescue Network
Lynda and the Minkies
Member PageMember Page February 09 at 15:31
Re: CPCRN January WOW Report Vote for this post Reply to this Message

There were a lot of miles travelled last month, weren't there !!! Well done to you all on another record month of adoptions.
Tabitha (Max's mom)
Member PageMember Page February 09 at 17:22
Re: CPCRN January WOW Report Vote for this post Reply to this Message

Wow, I'm humbled to be a part of that. I guess the saying is true: To the world, you might be just one person, but to one person (dog!) you just might be the world. Awesome job to everyone involved.

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