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Katie & the Gang
Member PageMember Page February 20 at 10:47
Bridget - New to Cairn Rescue League Vote for this post

When it rains it pours! After a bit of a dry spell, we have taken in 3 dogs in the last 2 days! The first was Bridget from the Brooklyn CACC. Someone pulled her for me on Friday, and I'll be picking her up tomorrow (weather permitting) and taking her to my vets' to finish out her 10 days boarding.

Word is that Bridget was originally turned in along with two male cairns, their owner had died. I believe Col. Potter may have rescued the two males, but Bridget had already been pulled by a non-cairn rescue. Word is that this other rescue usually handles senior dogs, and she proved to be a bit much for them, so they returned her to the shelter!

We are looking for an experienced foster home for Bridget. The woman who pulled her for me (experienced) says she's very much an alpha female. She will nip if you try to do something she doesn't like, but the woman who has her thinks this is just a training issue rather than a serious aggression problem.

I've put a picture of Bridget in the blog.

Katie, Chelsea, Cubby, Misty, Sammy

Cairn Rescue League
Lynda and the Minkies
Member PageMember Page February 20 at 14:04
Re: Bridget - New to Cairn Rescue League Vote for this post Reply to this Message

That's pretty pisspoor of a rescue organisation returning her to a shelter !!! Pleased she's back in safe hands !!

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