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Katie & the Gang
Member PageMember Page February 20 at 11:09
Shaggy - New to Cairn Rescue League Vote for this post

Friday dog #2 was Shaggy from the Hi-Tor Animal Care Center in Pomona, NY. Shaggy was turned in on Christmas Eve as a stray by people the volunteers at the shelter think were really his owners.

Shaggy has the energy and attitude of a very young dog, but he has quite a bit of white on his muzzle. He is currently at my vets' for his 10-day boarding, and I'll be curious to see how old they think he is. Hi-Tor did have a picture of him on Petfinder, but it's gone, so I'll get one when I go to drop Bridget off this week. He is a very distinguished looking old gent, reminds me of Buck (http://www.cairnrescueleague.com/remembrances.html) a little, but with a much rounder face.

He's a big guy too, weighs in at 25 lbs., and he is not fat, in fact, I think he could stand to gain a few pounds! Despite his size, he is a purebred cairn. He's gray like Pookie (http://www.cairnrescueleague.com/cairnsinneed.html#nh), in fact her reminds me quite a bit of her too. Very strong, powerful dog, and he is a bolter.

But very, very sweet, not an ounce of aggression. Good with people, other dogs, and cats, unknown with children. I ran into holiday traffic on the way back from Pomona, so we were in the car together for quite some time, and he didn't bark once. He spent the night with my friend Melissa who does senior dog rescue, and he did do quite a bit of leg lifting, but there were lots of interesting smells!

Shaggy has dry eye in his left eye, so will need drops for the rest of his life. He also has a benign growth on his rear end that will need to come off, although the vet in NY was concerned that the surgery could leave him incontinent. He was treated for hookworm about 10 days ago and will get his second dose of dewormer on March 2. My vets will be giving him a HW/Lyme/ehrlichia test, and he may also need a dental.

We are looking for a foster home for the old fellow, so if you think you might be willing, please let me know!

Katie, Chelsea, Cubby, Misty, Sammy

Cairn Rescue League
Lynda and the Minkies
Member PageMember Page February 20 at 14:06
Re: Shaggy - New to Cairn Rescue League Vote for this post Reply to this Message

He sounds a sweet old gent...his owners probably dumped him cos' they didn't want to be bothered with vet bills...charming.
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