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Annie Smith
March 23 at 08:59
Adopting Retired Westie Mothers Vote for this post

I just got another e-mail from a breeder who is stopping his breeding because of his health, I'm not quite sure how I got on his list, I might have inquired about a puppy awhile ago, if I did they never answered back. He is adopting the mothers out you just have to pay the spaying fee, he has adopted 4 so far and has 3 left, I wish I could take one but can't, the link to how to adopt a mother is http://www.westiepuppies.com/pages/mothers.html if anyone is interested. I'm not sure how old the ones he has left are, I deleted the e-mail quick so I wasn't tempted, I'm the only one here who wants another dog but anyway the web page says most are between 5&7 yrs old, not that old for a Westie, I didn't check the whole site because since I can't have a Westie right now I don't want to be tempted even with pictures. Hope someone takes the other 3 mothers and just thought I'd post the info here in case someone is looking for a Westie who isn't a puppy. Annie

Lynda and the Minkies
Member PageMember Page March 23 at 13:00
Re: Adopting Retired Westie Mothers Vote for this post Reply to this Message

This was the one that I think you posted previously too, Annie. Seems like he's often selling them off....

Annie Smith
March 23 at 20:03
Re: Adopting Retired Westie Mothers Vote for this post Reply to this Message

Yes, I did get an e-mail from him awhile back and This is the e-mail I just got from him with links to the dogs: He's not selling them from the sounds of it you just have to pay for spaying, that is how we got one of our cats, from a breeder who had older kittens that needed homes, we got her for just the spaying cost and a little bit extra and they were and are very nice people we are still in contact, they don't breed anymore though because she can't bear to sell the kittens anyway here are the dogs he still has left:Hi,

Here are the computer links for my mothers up for adoption.




If you are interested please call me at (757) 482-9497.


David Fetty

Hickorydale Westies

(757) 482-9497

email: david@westiepuppies.com

Member PageMember Page April 07 at 05:47
Re: Adopting Retired Westie Mothers Vote for this post Reply to this Message

They all look so adorable...
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