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Katie & the Gang
Member PageMember Page April 18 at 11:15
CRLs Dylan Adopted! Vote for this post

The Cairn Rescue League's Dylan went to a wonderful new home this weekend - update below. Dylan was an owner surrender, his owners gave up on housebreaking when he was 4 months old and kept him tied to a dog house out back for the next 5 months. They only gave him food and water when they felt like it/thought about it. Fortunately, he was HW negative and bloodwork showed no damage to his organs as a result of the deprivation. Dylan is a sweet little guy, who actually seems to have a problem with submissive wetting rather than housebreaking. As you can see, his new owners absolutely love him - he'll be getting lots of love and attention to make up for lost time!

Katie, Cubby, Misty, Sammy

Just to let you know we arr'd home w/o any problems. Dylan rides well & made the trip in Bonnie's arms. He loves the backyard & didn't seem to wish to go into the house, but he did, & ate very well for us. He's a very sharp little guy & laughed, observing him chase bees, pigeons or anything else that came in 'his' yard. Quite playful after he explored the backyard & when we let him into the living room, he hopped onto the couch & lay down with Bonnie, then jumped down & came over to the chair where I was sitting & jumped up into my lap. A neighbor's dog, who loves Bonnie, tried to get into the backyard, as he must have smelled Dylan's presence. Dylan reacted like Raggs! He growled & tried to get through the gate at him! He's a true terrier & we know we're going to love him. He didn't want to be left alone in the kitchen behind the baby gate, & he paced & kept standing up to see if he could over it. We put him the crate & placed him in our room where he went to sleep. Will keep you posted as to his progress. So far, excellent & we don't expect any problems.

Cairn Rescue League
Lynda and the Minkies
Member PageMember Page April 18 at 13:10
Re: CRLs Dylan Adopted! Vote for this post Reply to this Message

Sounds like you found him a smashing home after the peasants he WAS living with. Wonderful news. Well done.
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