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Katie & the Gang
Member PageMember Page April 18 at 12:55
CRLs Bridget Adopted! Vote for this post

Two of our three adoptions this weekend seem to be working out. The one that didn't is a sweetheart of a cairn-yorkie mix (http://www.cairnrescueleague.com/cairnsinneed.html#connecticut) who decided to turn into Cujo with the men in his new home, despite that fact that he's been in rescue for a couple of months now and never shown any behavior like that before. They only thing we can think of is that both of the men smoke. We'll be looking for an experienced, all female household for Shammy, but Bridget's placement seems to be going well. Bridget ended up in a shelter in NYC after her owner died. I've put a picture of Bridget in the blog.

Katie, Cubby, Misty, Sammy

Hope you both had good drives back? Bridget is settling in well so far,
she already got up on the coffee table & cleaned all the food off
Kevin's snack plate when he got up to get a drink, LOL!
I got a great photo of her in the backyard which I'm attaching. We went
out for a walk so she could meet the neighbors & she was a big hit! I
tried to get a good shot of both dogs together - but, of course,
couldn't get them to sit still at the same time long enough to get the
photo - but have attached the one I did manage to shoot.

Thanks so much for everything,

Cairn Rescue League
Lynda and the Minkies
Member PageMember Page April 18 at 13:14
Re: CRLs Bridget Adopted! Vote for this post Reply to this Message

She looks very happy, Katie. Another good job.
I hope you find somewhere nice for Shammy soon as well.

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