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Member PageMember Page May 07 at 21:34
Puppy Miller Found GUILTY! Vote for this post

About TIME!


From: "Julie Lavin"


Subject: Puppy Miller found GULTY in South Dakota
Date: Sat, 7 May 2005 08:30:17 -0500

I attended the Dimock, SD trial.
Last night around 9 pm she was found GUILTY of 4 of the 5 counts!

The testimony was extremely graphic. Those 67 dogs (Westies, papillons, yorkies, maltese, shelties) were living in a hellhole.........10 inch thick feces, wire cages where the "poop soup" was so thick it rose through the bottom of the wire bottom cage, cages were stacked and when the dogs got excited, they would shake the cage and the poop soup would drop to the dogs below. The smell of ammonia was so strong the officers and volunteers removing dogs could only remain in the building for a few minutes, there throat and nose burned. Many dogs had rotting infected teeth, ones jaw was broken in 2 places because the teeth rot was so severe it broke down the jaw, a dogs eye had to be removed due to a bubble eye, another had teeth rot so bad a hole went into the nasal passage. 20-25 percent of the dogs had luxating patellas. One had a swollen infected leg from multiple bite wounds from his cagemate.

She sold 3 italian greyhounds to a lady which were starved, dehydrated, no muscle mass, an eye was removed and ooozing green infection, this is the person who turned her in, she lives in Rock Rapids Iowa. Their excuse was they were out of town for 4 days and their kids did not clean. The testimony was the feces was at aleast a month old. They also cited poor health in 2 of the 3 of the care takers. Their testimony only hurt them. Their vets were sad excuses for vets! We wrote down their names. They said nothing was wrong in keeping the dogs in those cages, that it is ok for dogs to be bred until they die.

This was quite an education for us! The defense calls the dogs "livestock" and "breeding stock" and talked of their "useful purpose". To me, this is the first law that needs to be changed. Dogs are NOT livestock. We also attended the HUA Coalition Against Misery a week ago in Omaha. They are taking steps to make conditions more humane for dogs in Nebraska. I pray these steps can also be taken in other states including SD.

Her sentencing is May 16th.

Julie Lavin
Almost Home Dog Rescue

Madison, SD
"Prevent a litter, fix your critter!"

Member PageMember Page May 09 at 13:53
Re: Puppy Miller Found GUILTY! Vote for this post Reply to this Message

How very sad for these little ones Angie but good news on the guilty verdict. I can't wait to hear the sentencing, I hope it is not a disappointing slap on the wrist. Had these been children, they would certainly not have suffered for long. When will people and the courts understand that animals feel pain the same as we do and show them the kindness and respect they deserve. We must keep on fighting to have the laws changed. I hope this doesn't offend anyone but, God certainly made a big mistake in his choosing of who was to be the ruling species on this planet earth.

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