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Katie & the Gang
Member PageMember Page May 22 at 10:43
CRL Welcomes Frankie & Tucker Vote for this post

Please welcome Frankie & Tucker, the Cairn Rescue League's newest rescues, both 14YO neutered males. Their owner died & unfortunately was not found until six days later, so Frankie and Tucker were alone with her all that time. Both of them had to be shaved down, they had two baths at the boarding kennel where they were taken & could stand another!

They will be examined by my vets on Monday. Frankie is blind, major cataracts noted in 1997, altho it doesn't look as if he has cataracts to me. He was referred to an ophthalmologist, so I'll be calling them on Monday to see if he went. Tucker can see, but I'm not sure how well & it looks to me as if he may have dry eye. Both can hear, but I'm not sure how much. Tucker has had a chronic cough for at least 2 years. Doesn't seem to have anything to do with exertion. His owner did have him debarked, so I'm hoping it's that & not congestive heart failure or heartworm. He also limps pretty badly on his left front leg.

Frankie had been with his owner since he was a puppy, his mother was rescued by a friend of his owner's. She was pregnant when she came into rescue & Frankie was one of the puppies. Tucker was rescued by the same woman in 1999, when he was 7. He had been used for breeding & had spent the first seven years of his life either crated or leashed to a doorknob.

Both are absolute sweethearts & give little kisses (boy does Frankie need a dental!). And hard to believe considering the conditions they were living in, but both seem to be housebroken.

Frankie & Tucker do need a foster home. If anyone is willing to foster, please let me know, or fill out a foster home application at http://www.cairnrescueleague.com/fosterhome.html.

To be honest, I could also use a little help covering their expenses (as well as those for other dogs in the program), so if anyone can spare a dime, it would surely be appreciated - http://www.cairnrescueleague.com/contribute.html. And as always, just plain old moral support means the world! We do have a rescue listserv that anyone is welcome to join - CairnRescueLeague-subscribe@yahoogroups.com - as well as a more general cairn list - CairnTerrierList-subscribe@yahoogroups.com.

Katie, Cubby, Misty, Sammy

Cairn Rescue League
john / irene TOBY
Member PageMember Page May 22 at 12:58
Re: CRL Welcomes Frankie & Tucker Vote for this post Reply to this Message

Poor little guys what a sad story We hope & pray they are given a second chance

John / irene TOBY

Lynda and the Minkies
Member PageMember Page May 22 at 13:48
Re: CRL Welcomes Frankie & Tucker Vote for this post Reply to this Message

I hate to hear about the oldies having such a tough time of things....thankyou for helping them, Katie....I wish we could help a bit but we're tied up with moving expenses right now...I can't believe she had poor Tucker debarked...that's barbaric. Please keep us updated on their progress.
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