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Member PageMember Page July 06 at 11:53
June CPCRN WOW report Vote for this post

Dear Friends,

Perhaps it's only fitting that on this, our country's Independence Day, that we share with you the amazing results of all of your hard work for the first half of 2005. Because of you and the work you do each and every day, sometime during this calendar year, CPCRN will pass an undreamed of number...the 1,000th Cairn we have helped to their own "Independence Day!!!!!!" That is an amazing record, indeed! Half of 2005 is now behind us, and once again, we are breaking records in virtually every category.

That is the GOOD news, my friends. But we are also, literally, bursting at the seams with Cairns. The "Intakes" numbers for June, amazing as they are, tell only part of the story. As most of you already know, we have taken in another 11 Cairns in the first 4 days of July. We need your help! Please consider becoming a Foster Home or a donor or a volunteer in any one of scores of areas that need your help! On this, the 4th of July, please consider helping us help them! Send an email to Susan Mower at: smower @ uvm.edu (remove the blank spaces). She will be thrilled to help you help us help them!!!!!

So, without further ado, here are CPCRN's June's numbers:


CPCRN rescued 43 Cairns in June.
2 Auctions
14 Breeder Surrender
14 Owner Surrenders
13 Shelter Strays

CPCRN had 90 Cairns in our loving care as of June 30th.

106 Applications were received
26 Were denied for being incomplete or not meeting organization
53 Apps sent to coordinators for Ref Checks
27 Placed on temporary hold

30 Apps sent to HSV team for HSV's
0 Withdrew before HSV
1 Placed on Hold by Applicant
26 HSV's completed

33 Applications Approved (includes "Foster Flunkies")
3 ApplicationsDenied
4 Approved to Adopt ANOTHER dog from CP

18 Dogs Adopted
29 Approved Homes Assigned to a MatchMaker
2 No longer interested or adopted elsewhere
37 Approved homes actively in process of being matched

42 Adopted Dogs Followed Up On and Supported

12 New Volunteers Recruited
9 New CRM Members Added to This List (Welcome!)

20 Transports Conducted
30 Dogs Transported (multiple dogs are frequently transported together)
40 Volunteers Involved in Transporting
16,760 Total Transport Miles (includes airline transport, driving, etc.)

Col Potter Cairn Rescue Network
Member PageMember Page July 06 at 11:54
Re: June CPCRN WOW report Vote for this post Reply to this Message

Soooooo....here's this month's "executive summary":

We saved almost 1-1/2 dog every day!!!
We received 3-1/2 applications each day - and sent almost 2 per day to be RefChecked!!
We completed a Home Safety Inspection almost every single day
We contacted and helped support almost 1-1/2 adoptive owners every day!
We recruited a new volunteer to our organization almost every other day, and added a new CRM member almost every 3 days!
We transported a dog into foster care or to its new forever home at the pace of 559 miles per dog delivered!
And....we adopted a carefully matched Cairn to a "forever home" almost every day!!!

Through the end of June (1st half of 2005), here's our year-to-date statistics
We have RESCUED 173 Cairns! Up 20.1% so far this year
We have RECEIVED and reviewed 797 Applications! Up an AMAZING 56.5% so far this year
We have COMPLETED 227 RefChecks!
We have INSPECTED 165 applicant homes!
We have TRANSPORTED dogs over 121,516 volunteer transport miles! Up an ASTONISHING 495% (Yes, 495% !!!!)
We have HELPED SUPPORT 211 adoptive families!
We have ADOPTED 163 Cairns into loving forever homes of their own! Up 38.1% so far this year

The statistics speak for themselves, my friends. But more importantly, they speak for those without voices of their own...the needy little Cairns that ALL of you who help us in our efforts work so diligently to serve. Thank you, my friends, from me and the other members of the Board. And thank you most of all from all the Cairns you have helped to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome this year! An enormous "AHROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO"!!!! to all of you from all of them!

Lynda and the Minkies
Member PageMember Page July 06 at 14:43
Re: June CPCRN WOW report Vote for this post Reply to this Message

Well done to you all. The mileage results are staggering !! Sad your organisation has to keep saving more but thank goodness you're there.
Annie and E Gang
Member PageMember Page July 06 at 17:22
Re: June CPCRN WOW report Vote for this post Reply to this Message

Thank you for the report and all the hard work, Dedication and Love you all give to these puppers.
Love and kisses xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
McTavish, SGirls & Becky
Member PageMember Page July 08 at 23:50
Re: June CPCRN WOW report Vote for this post Reply to this Message

All of that is amazing, Corinne.
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