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Member PageMember Page August 12 at 09:47
The cairn in Boise ID Vote for this post

Heres a note from his foster mom - thank you all for helping

I just wanted to give you a quick update on Bridger. Bridger was adopted and returned to a shelter in Boise, Idaho and then deemed unadoptable by the shelter. Sheila - an angel at the shelter - thought otherwise and contacted Col. Potters and Bridger's new life began. I picked him up Saturday night from the transporter, who was bringing 9 dogs to foster home from Boise - another angel. When I picked up his crate and peeked in at him, he pressed himself into the back of his crate and I thought I was really in for a scared little guy. I got Bridger home, put his crate in an X-pen and opened the door, it took him about a second to pop out and I turned my back for a minute and he had jumped out of his X-pen. My kids were running around the yard and he joined right in and zoomed with my other foster Daschle. I was worried about getting a hold of him again, but when I sat down on the edge of a chair, he jumped right up behind me and I knew we would be OK. Bridger settled in his crate like a perfect little angel without a peep all night and best of all was when I let him out of his crate the next morning. You could practically hear him saying "Yippee," he was so happy and immediately starting playing with Dash and jumped up a couple of times to grab my PJs with a playful little enticement to play. Then he ate a little bit of breakfast and jumped up in a chair with me to settle against me with his head on my leg for a nap. Bridger is hand shy and a little scared when we reach for him, but he follows me everywhere and comes to me for protection when one of my kids give him a grrrrrrrr. He really likes to be held and loved. I have been holding him and sweet talking him and he is already a changed little boy. He is a very handsome little man with a beautiful dark brindle coat, which is in really good shape. He has done ALL OF HIS POTTYING OUTSIDE and learned to chase a ball and bring it back for more. Unadoptable - I think not!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you to all the wonderful angels who worked to give Bridger a chance at life. I am honored to help this little boy on his way.

August 12 at 11:10
Re: The cairn in Boise ID Vote for this post Reply to this Message

What a sweet report! Perhaps the previous family would have been more happy with another breed but he sounds all terrier and full of life! He sounds like a doll, a terrier doll that is! Darlene and Jolly, FL
Lynda and the Minkies
Member PageMember Page August 12 at 13:07
Re: The cairn in Boise ID Vote for this post Reply to this Message

He's lovely and I'm pleased he's safe. Well done to everyone that helped him.
August 20 at 02:24
Re: The cairn in Boise ID Vote for this post Reply to this Message

I am looking for a cairn to buy or adopt. Is Bridger already spoken for? I am in Boise also.
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