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Member PageMember Page October 28 at 09:00
The Survivors Have Arrived! Vote for this post

The American Heritage Dictionary defines a survivor as one who remains alive or in existence. Today, four Survivors found their way out of an existence in a puppymill and into freedom with Col. Potter!!

Before I introduce each of them and tell you their story, I want you to know that even their journey out of the PM was not easy. They arrived at the meeting place in the back of a pick-up truck, stuffed two to a small crate, with straw not only all over the bed of the truck, but stuck and intertwined right into their coats. As soon as they arrived at the vets they all received what was probably their first bath of their lives, had the really bad mattes and straw cut out of their coats and had their 2" nails trimmed back with more trimming to come.

Now, named after winners of the TV show, here are CP's Survivors:

Hatch: Will be 14 years old (that is NOT a typo) next month. He is brindle. Hatch has dry eye and his eyesight is not good. He has an open sore on his lip. Despite spending his entire life in a PM, he is incredibly friendly. After his bath, Hatch was put in his crate with soft bedding and a toy. When checked on later, he was sound asleep in his crate with what looked like a smile on his face. It was probably the first time in his
entire life he had ever slept indoors much less on something soft or been clean.

Wesson: Is 11.5 years old. She is wheaton and was the most withdrawn of the four, but that is probably because she is in severe pain. Her ears are very badly infected and look like a cauliflower inside. We won't have a full medical evaluation on her until Friday, but she can certainly use your prayers that the infection will be treatable and it has not spread to any vital organs in her little body.

Towery: She is 10 years old and black with slight brindling. This girl has very bad teeth and already has several missing and may well loose the rest when she has her dental. This little girl was so happy and grateful to be out of the PM, that she is already giving sloppy kisses! Can you imagine, less than two hours after getting out the PM and she is giving kisses!! There is also a possibility that Towery is our own little Biloxi's mother.

Moresca: She is the "baby" of the group at 7 years old and is a wheaton. She is also very friendly and accepting of human touch. Moresca is mother to our Orleans and Metairie whom she had when she was only 11 months old. Unfortunately for those girls, their lives paralleled their mother's, but now they are all free!

As you can well imagine, the vet bills for these older kids with the additional tests that are needed and then the extended medical care they
will need is quite expensive. With Col. Potter's current financial situation, it was through a joint effort of CP and several members donating
funds to make up the additional costs that made the difference in these kids making it to freedom. Now we just have to to hope and pray that they are all healthy.

Faces of Rescue

Lynda and the Minkies
Member PageMember Page October 28 at 10:12
Re: The Survivors Have Arrived! Vote for this post Reply to this Message

I do hope these dear old souls will all be OK.
Carey and the LWMDs
Member PageMember Page November 18 at 21:54
Re: The Survivors Have Arrived! Vote for this post Reply to this Message

That is so sad it really makes me want to do something stupid.

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