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URGENT - eBay selling Pets?? Reply to this Message

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Member PageMember Page December 18 at 13:20
URGENT - eBay selling Pets?? Vote for this post

Don't panic as yet, this is a 'Proposal' and they are looking for feedback.

I especially like post #28, it's very good!! She has listed 5 well thought out conditions that she would like to see.

If you are going to post to the feedback, keep in mind that giving credit to eBay (for asking for feedback, etc) could also help to develop this venue for good educational purposes too.

I will also post this on the General forum, so no need to read both..
nice to see post # 38 signed...
-Beth Adams
Col. Potter Cairn Rescue Network www.cairnrescue.com
Above & Beyond English Setter Rescue www.esrescue.org

Dear Pets Community Members-

We are hoping to launch a Live Pets Classified Format early next year. The listings would not be transactional and there would only be a listing fee. We are also looking into allowing non-profit animal shelters to list animals for adoption for free.

I would love to know what our active community members think about this new category. We are also considering Pet Services in this format as well - grooming, walking, etc..

Please feel free to reply to this thread or email me directly at pretz@ebay.com

Lori Pretzer
Pet Supplies Category Manager

eBay Live Pets

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Stranger Same one
December 18 at 17:52
Re: URGENT - eBay selling Pets?? Vote for this post Reply to this Message

will you please reply to topic: Cairn terrier and Westie mix

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