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Piper/Goldie the cairn has been found!!! Reply to this Message

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Nancy and the barkin' boys
January 06 at 00:15
Piper/Goldie the cairn has been found!!! Vote for this post

Posted to Col. Potter Cairn Rescue Network list:
It is with thankfulness to God and everyone's prayers that I am able to tell you that Piper has been found alive and ok! A lady who lives a mile and a quarter away found her in her barn and called my father and mother as thier number was one of our contacts. She was dirty, cold hungry and thirsty but the lady took good care of her and gave her a bath and lots of TLC. I guess she's had her a couple of days.

We still don't know how she escaped but we will be double fencing everything! It's going to be like Fort Knox around here! This truly is nothing short of a miracle as our area is crawling with coyotes.

Please thank everyone at Col Potter's. The power of prayer is truly incredible, as we have just experienced. This is a very special little girl and we love her very much.

Nancy and the barkin' boys
Fergus, the wonderful and well-adjusted Westie (AKA Ferguszoid)
Tavish, the insistently licking and adoring Cairn (AKA Tavereesh)
Keegan, the serene yet ball-fetchin' crazy Cairn, (AKA Timber) at the Rainbow Bridge
MacGregor, the stealth attack wrestling Westie Puppy (AKA Rasta)
Oh, and Erik
Westie Rescue - CT

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Val & Mac
Member PageMember Page January 06 at 18:33
Re: Piper/Goldie the cairn has been found!!! Vote for this post Reply to this Message

I was so happy to read that Piper was found alive and well. Someone was looking over her and sent her to that lady's barn. Great news. Thanks for letting us know.

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