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Need Dalmation Rescue in So. Ca. Reply to this Message

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Robin (posted for a friend)
Member PageMember Page Jul 22, 2006 at 16:28
Need Dalmation Rescue in So. Ca. Vote for this post

A friend of mine asked me to ask you for help. Does anyone know anybody who can help her place a stray adult Dalmation?

Her message:

"I found an unaltered older adult male Dalmation out on the canyon road that goes to my horse's training stable. He has been with us since Tuesday night. The poor guy has obviously been out there in the canyon a while. He has a blue collar but no ID and he's very thin and has no hair on his pressure points (hips, etc.) and also has scars on his ears and top of head that look like he might have been chucked out of a car. And it is even sadder, because he's the sweetest boy you ever saw. He loves everyone and is very polite.

At any rate, we can't keep "Waylon" because we have two large-breed old adult dogs already, and they won't allow any newcomers. We've bought a kennel for a temporary solution, since hubby can't keep taking him to work, but we can't keep him permanently. What do we do?

We've called every no-kill dog rescue in the area, and all are full and totally swamped. Most only accept puppies at this point, they are that full. The Dalmation rescues in So Cal are so full they are only taking young pups. We've called all our friends and family with no luck. Most of us already have very full animal families. I can't take this poor old guy in to the pound. I'm skeptical that he'll be easy to adopt out, because despite his sweet demeanor, he's thin and old and untrained.Waylon does not have a chip- we ran him through the scanner.

We went to our 11 am appointment today to a non-skill rescue, only to be turned away immediately because they don't take Dalmations. *sigh* They somehow neglected to tell me that on the three occasions I talked with them on the phone this past week. At least Waylon enjoyed the car ride; he's learned to ride in the cab now.

I am so frustrated. We're taking him this afternoon to a shot clinic and checkup, and to schedule the neutering, so at least he'll be ready to go. We plan to talk to BARC in person- they say they're full (they do the local adoptions at Petsmart), but maybe they'd be willing to try to place him while he stays a little while longer with us.

My landlord has been very understanding with having Waylon in a kennel in the driveway for this week but I'm not sure if he'll allow us to continue fostering him. After all, we already have two other dogs and a cat.

I'm in Redlands, CA and would happily drive Waylon anywhere in So Cal- San Diego, LA, whatever- it would have to be on a weekend since I work full-time.

I'm happy to pay for his neutering, check-up, and shots.
My email: walkinginthewoods7 @ hotmail.com (remove spaces)

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Lynda and the Minkies
Member PageMember Page Jul 22, 2006 at 17:55
Re: Need Dalmation Rescue in So. Ca. Vote for this post Reply to this Message

Bless her for looking after him. I hope someone can help her. Thanks for posting for her, Robin.

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