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Brenda Kelley
Member PageMember Page Sep 18, 2006 at 22:25
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Take a look into your rescued pup's eyes. Think about the joy that he/she brings you each day. And then think about what the rescue did in order to get that dog to you.

Do you know that most dogs that come to us are not up to date on shots? The puppy mill dogs do not receive medical care because that would cut into the miller's profit. The owner surrenders generally do not get the dog updated then decide to give it away - after all why bother - "it won't be my dog anyway." Shelter pulls are also lacking in vet care because like rescues, they are over loaded and under supported.

Do you know that most of our dogs require a spay / neuter after they come to rescue? This is especially true of the mill dogs as the miller considers them worthless if they have been fixed. Shelters sometimes neuter dogs but not always and about 50% of the owner surrenders have been spayed/neutered.

Do you know that many of our rescues require dental work when they get to CRUSA? Mill dogs eat the cheapest food the miller can buy. They are never given things to chew to help keep their teeth clean and healthy. Their teeth are often the worst. They usually require not only cleanings but also extractions. Why is it essential? Because the infections from the gums can cause heart damage. As for the other dogs - owner surrenders and shelter dogs - many of those also require dental work depending on how neglected they were.

These basic common expenses combined with any special needs - surgeries, heartworm treatment, etc add up to big dollars in vet bills.

Do you know where that money comes from? Fundraisers - like the Caring for Cairns Raffle. Without your support, well we will have to turn away dogs. Look again into your rescued cairn's eyes and think about how happy you are that your baby was saved. You can help other people feel that same way by giving back to rescue. Help CRUSA raise the funds we need to continue saving Cairn Terriers. We can't do it without your support. Ask everyone you know to buy a raffle ticket (or two).

We need your help. Please visit http://shop. CairnRescueUSA. com and get your raffle tickets today.

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Member PageMember Page Sep 19, 2006 at 00:36
Re: CRUSA RAFFLE Vote for this post Reply to this Message

Oh yes, and I just bought my FIRST one today and plan to space my others one out :) I LOVE these types of raffles, especially when they help out such a great reputable organization. When people give to this, they are really showing that they love the dogs and contributing for them and not just for a tax shelter :) Oh, and besides there are some exciting prizes... Andrew, Jack, Jeremy and Blackwater are already fighting over who gets to sleep in the "throne" bed when WE win it :) They all put in part of their allowance for a ticket :)

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Member PageMember Page Sep 19, 2006 at 09:30
Re: CRUSA RAFFLE Vote for this post Reply to this Message

I will be glad to help, cannot get the vision out of seeing these poor pups in crates waiting for help, Vickie

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