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Member PageMember Page Feb 03, 2007 at 14:49
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Okay- in the Feb 12th issue of People magazine, they have a page on Barbaro. In the front of the mag it says if you have comments or questions to FAX or email them to:

Fax: 212-522-0794
Email: editor@people.com

I think if you can fax - PLEASE DO! This will get attention. If not, please email as well - several times!

Please state something to the effect:

While the news of Barbaro's passing was sad, the sadness continues in the very same town where millions of dollars are spent on horses while 14,000 dogs and puppies are put to sleep annually in ONE shelter alone due to irresponsible breeding and pet ownership. Is this the way to treat man's best friend? Where is this City's heart?

We saved Mulligan by using the TC's voice - PLEASE - get the word out. This shelter works hard to find help - while the city does nothing to the correct the cause. Imagine how the shelter workers must feel - THEY are the ones who have to insert the needle to a tail wagging DOG/PUPPY! OMG - I can't EVEN begin to tell you how sick it makes me.

Please TC - HELP!


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