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Member PageMember Page Feb 21, 2007 at 04:21
Dooger the Beagle Vote for this post

This morning when I was on my constitutional walk a little Beagle slinked up to Mom and me. He had a collar with his name and phone number on it but wouldn't let Mom come close enough to him to get the number. After I was finished 'doing my constitutional, Mom shoved me back into the apartment and bribed me with some treats to 'be quiet' while she tried to get that Beagle leashed in order to find it's owner. He backed off and HOWLED everytime Mom got close to him. He did seem to like her tho and kept following her. She told him to "HEEL" so he walked along side of her to the Manager's Office but didn't let anyone there get close to him. Then she told him to follow her (heel) back to our house so he did. She got me some treats then snuck out to give Beagle some of MY TREATS!!!!! I didn't like that at all. Beagle ate my treats out of her hand while I howled and barked to high heaven inside the apartment. Mom kept saying "Thank goodness everyone was at work and didn't hear me!" She worked with this Beagle for about 45 minutes and figured he'd get sick on treats before she got the number off his collar. He would back away from her touch EVERY Time! He loved the treats but didn't like to be touched. He was also 'in tack' what ever that means. I only have rubber balls to play with!

So..... she left him alone and just hopes he found his way back home and really hopes his owners pays some attention to him so he isn't so afraid of being touched!!!!!!!! He was a pretty young Beagle.

Here is a picture of him. Mom was trying to get a ZOOM shot of his collar info so she could blow it up and read the number on it. That didn't work. You can see by this cropped picture how cute he was tho.

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Member PageMember Page Feb 21, 2007 at 08:00
Re: Dooger the Beagle Vote for this post Reply to this Message

he is a cutie!!! Nice of you to share your treats.. like you had a choice!! hehe

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