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Member PageMember Page Dec 21, 2007 at 13:19
CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas Vote for this post

Don't know if there are any westies or cairns...

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas, Dec. 19, 2007

237 Dogs Removed From Texas Woman's Home
Animal Control Officers Remove 237 Dogs From Home Of 70-Year-Old Texas Woman

(AP) Animal control officers removed 237 dogs from the home of a 70-year-old woman who said she had been breeding the animals, officials said.

Kelli Copeland, manager of the city's Animal Care Services department, said it took about six hours Tuesday to gather up all the dogs, which were taken to a city kennel.

Most of the dogs were Pomeranians, but there were also Yorkshire terriers, two standard poodles and several other breeds. Copeland said they appeared to be suffering from the close quarters.

"They had plenty of food and plenty of water but were not living in healthy conditions," Copeland said. "Many were covered in feces and urine. I think she slowly accumulated them to where they were more than she could handle."

A workman who made a service call to the home notified the city about the dog situation. Copeland said the woman will likely face several citations from the city.

One of the dogs was euthanized because of its poor condition. The woman claimed that dog had recently wandered to the house.

Copeland said the city will seek custody of the dogs so they can be given to animal rescue groups.

"The homeowner is a very nice lady; I think she loved her dogs," Copeland said.

I sure don't like the look of this pups eye!!


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Nessie's mom
Member PageMember Page Dec 21, 2007 at 16:30
Re: CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas Vote for this post Reply to this Message

One of the gals I work with here in Austin just adopted a Pom from the local rescue group. They are asking her now if she would be willing to foster so the group could get some up here.
I haven't talked with Foster Grandma yet to see if she's taken any but I will be seeing her tonight after I pick up one of ours from spaying surgery. She/we may not be able to help since she is going out of town next week and are "loaded" with our current group of furkids (and that counts 4 yorkie like pups still feeding off their mom).
This story is truly unbelieveable!

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