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Introducing the Gold Club!

 What's the Gold Club?
Dog lovers are invited to join the Gold Club, a new feature that gives you a web site of your own on which to display your pet's photos, share stories, and chat with other terrier folk around the world!

The Terrier Club has always offered our Cairn and Westie members a free "bio" page on the club site. But for those who want a more extensive presence on the web, we created the Gold Club.

Gold club sites are elegantly designed and include a homepage with photos and stories, a photo album page, latest pix page, favorite links page, chat room, guest book, personal calendar (with public and private views), visitor counter, graphical links, and email postcard feature for album photos. Each page can be edited by the site owner as often as desired.
 Gold Club Roster
Visit our newest Gold Member Sites!
Maverick (Westie in Colorado)
Southpaw (Westie in Florida)
Brindie (Westie in Minnesota)
Alex and Morgan (Westies in No. Carolina)
Charley (Westie in Missouri)
Enzo (Westie in Texas)
Cooper (Westie in Pennsylvania)
Gracie (Westie in Connecticut)
Becky (Westie in Ireland)
Casper (Westie in Oklahoma)
Crickett (Westie in Rhode Island)
Sambuca and Isabelle (Westies in New York)
Ellilot (Westie in Oregon)
Duncan (Westies in Oregon)
Malcolm (Westies in Oregon)
Finaly, Jasper, Cedric (Westies in Oregon)
Lily, Sir William, Boomer (Westies in New Jersey)
Macaroon (Westie in Pennsylvania)
Zoey (Westie in Iowa)
Emma (Cairn in Maryland)
Lottie and Muffin (Cairns in UK)
Nessie (Westie in Texas)
Mac (Westie in California)
Ozzie, Gee Willikers, Webster (Westies in California)
Boudreau Joe Ryan (Westie in New Jersey)
Charlie and Jackie (Westie in Oregon)
Molly and Poppy (Westie in Wales)
Benny (Westie in Michigan)
Echo and Riley (Westies in Canada)
Meadow (Westie in New Jersey)
Jimmy and Megan (Westies in UK)
Archie (Westie in New Zealand)
Dugan (Cairn in North Carolina)
Rosie and Basil (Westies in New Jersey)
Millie (Westie in Illinois)
Katie Jo (Westie in Ohio)
Roo (Westie in New York)
Kelsi and Hannah (Westies in Australia)
Wally (Westie in Washington)
Finn and Elliot (Westies in Delaware)
Ralph, Abby Lu and Winnie (Westies in Nebraska)
Smidgen, Skeeter and Skylar (Westies/Cairn in Arkansas)
Muzby, Maggie and Molly (Westies in Minnesota)
Wicket (Cairn in New Hampshire)
Gus and Fiona (Westies in Texas)
Katie (Westie in Illinois)
Gremmie (Cairn in U.K.)
Phoebe (Westie in Illinois)
McTavish and Haggis (Westies in Georgia)
Gracie and Dooley (Cairns in Indiana)
Kinsey (Westie in New York)
Maisie (Westie in UK)
Stuart (Westie in Illinois)
Duncan (Cairn in Wisconsin)
Brutus (Westie in Nevada)
Haley (Westie in Canada)
Annie & Rory (Cairns in Vermont)
MacGuyver (Westie in Pennsylvania)
Abbey Rhodes (Cairn in New York)
Dutchess (Westie in New York)
Emma (Westie in New York)
Rex (Westie in Mexico)
Zoey and Kelsey (Westies in New York)
Bobby (Westie in the Netherlands)
Cricket (Cairn in Illinois)
Tessie & Taddish (Westie, Cairn in California)
Molly, et al (4 Cairns from Illinois)
Doogie (Westie from Illinois)
Penny & Katy (Cairn, Westie from California)
Lilibeth (Westie from Michigan)
Your Own Web Site!
Everyone wants their own web site to share fun stories, photos, and the latest gossip, but creating a site can be expensive and complex. Well, we have the solution! Become a Gold Club Member and we'll create an attractive, feature-packed seven page site that YOU can easily edit and customize at any time.

Our easy to use web-based editor makes it possible for anyone to manage their own personal web site...no knowledge of HTML is required! And, unlike those "free" homepages offered by some Service Providers, our professionally designed Gold Member sites have lots of advanced features including a guest book, chat room, visitor counter, calendar, and email postcards from your photos.

Proceeds from Gold Membership help fund the Terrier Club site (which is privately managed). For more information,click "Want to Join?" below.

Gold Member websites are intended for pets only. The Terrier Club reserves the right to accept or reject any application or submitted photos. Your personal site is not for promotional, commercial, or business purposes.

All dog lovers are invited to join the Gold Club.
Membership is $36 per year
Membership Information