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Abbey Rhodes of York
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Click to see larger photo Take Me...I'm Yours!

I was having such a nice nap, when suddenly I was startled by 2 giant dogs. Strange dogs! They didn't have any fur except for on their heads! (Well actually the larger one had some fur on his face.) They picked me up, looked in my ears and my mouth and other places too! They checked me out pretty good. They didn't realize that I was checking them out too. I snuggled up to the short one and she kissed me and praised me. The large one with the beard was a sucker for a pretty face. I knew I had it made...so I looked them right in the eyes and said..."Take me, I'm Yours!"
Handle with Care

Training People

"Aw....now I get it. These are humans and they want to be my Mommy and Daddy. i wonder if they have a good gene pool? I hope they are not too hard to train. They've got the walking, cuddling, petting, and playing commands down pretty good. But, I am having a lot of trouble getting them to understand the -Feed Me Anytime I Want command. If any of you Terriers have any advice for me I would love to hear from you.
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Click to see larger photo Growing Fur

“I am certainly doing my part around this household. I water and fertilize the grass, bark at falling leaves, lay in the sunniest spots to keep the carpets from fading, catch falling crumbs before they mess up the floor, and all the while I am busy trying to grow some fur. Are Mommy and Daddy satisfied? NO! They want me to sit and beg, and heel and stay. Well, you get the idea. Is there no pleasing these people?”
Grin and BEAR it!

Let Me Out!

"The grass is definitely greener on the other side. (Mine seems to have some little yellow patches in it.) All I want to do is go around and meet some new people. I tell you these humans can be quite possessive."
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Tattle Tail

Dear Abbey
“I am so glad I am a member of this elite club. I encourage others to join. The membership is comprised of “Top Dogs!” (The people are OK too.)”
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